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Excessive calcium supplement can also cause the baby to constipation

Many parents have the experience of worrying because of their children’s constipation. Many times, the stool is hard to cause anal fissure to cause blood to hang blood outside the stool. The child dares not to stool because of anal fissure pain. In fact, many times constipation is related to the incorrect raising behavior of parents.

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Zhang Silai, the director and chief physician of the Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, experts and physicians, experts from Sina Parenting Maternal and Child Research Institute

Symptoms of constipation:

Medical believes that constipation must have dry stools. It is a long time, and there is no stool for more than 2 days, and sometimes it is difficult to defecate.

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Seven reasons for constipation

1. Improper feeding parents

Insufficient eating: It is mainly that the baby eats too little, and the liquid in the food after digestion is absorbed less residue, resulting in a reduction in stool and thick. If the content of sugar in the feeding is insufficient, it will also cause the intestinal peristalsis and cause dry stool. Because children’s long -term insufficient nutrition can also lead to weakened muscle tension on the abdominal and intestinal walls and cause constipation.

Improper diet:

⑴ Give children a lot of protein foods, especially animal foods or replenish a large amount of protein powder, and less eating grain food containing carbohydrates, causing the distribution and type of intestinal bacteria It is alkaline and dry.

⑵ Excessive calcium supplement: Caused by combining calcium with casein in milk, so that the stool contains a large amount of calcium soap that cannot be dissolved, which can also cause constipation.

Excessive dietary fiber in foods: Some children eat less meat or do not eat vegetables and fruits or use fruits instead of vegetables to reduce dietary fiber in food and constipation.

于 Some children are too fine, especially children after 1 year of age also eat mud -shaped food or fine foods can also cause constipation.

奶 Parents have a high concentration of recipe milk powder, resulting in high intestinal osmotic pressure, and do not replenish water in time (normal should be fed between 2 milk), causing dry stool.

牛 Feed fresh milk in advance. The protein content in fresh milk is high, and the proportion of casein is as high as 80%. The mineral content is too high, and the molecularity is large. The combination of the combination of gastric acid forms a difficulty -digesting cases caused to cause dry stool.

2. Unstable living environment

Children’s life is irregular, such as changing living environment and living unstable;

3. Life habits are not raised well

Children do not develop a good habit of defecation on time, and it is difficult to form or cannot form good reflection of defecation conditions and cause constipation.

4. Drug cause

Long -term use of laxatives, iron supplements, anti -rigid drugs, diuretic drugs, anti -choline drugs, and acid -resistant drugs, reduce bowel movements and cause constipation.

5. Disease cause

Some diseases cause intestinal wall muscle weakness and dysfunction cause constipation, such as 佝偻 disease, dysfunction, dermatitis, congenital muscle weakness, etc. Sensory functional disorders can also cause abdominal muscle weakness or paralysis to cause constipation.

6. Physiological abnormalities

Some children have congenital physiological abnormalities, such as giant colon, anal fissure, spine bales, anal or rectal stenosis, and tumors can cause constipation.

7. Psychological factors

Sudden environmental or living habits change, unexpected mental stimuli, or strange places, tension and anxiety caused by initials in kindergartens, changing babysitters or caregivers, etc. can cause constipation.

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