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Excessive scratching will increase skin diseases

Many people do not know that there are many bad habits in daily life, which can cause some skin diseases to become heavier or not cured for a long time. The enumeration is now as follows:

Excessive scratching: Itching is the most common clinical symptoms of skin diseases. If itching, it will cause scratching desires. It is unrealistic without scratching at all, but excessive scratching will aggravate skin diseases. Many patients are so happy for a while, scratching the skin of the skin hard, and the skin bleeding is directly grasped: the more itchy, the more itchy and the more itchy, and the vicious cycle. In fact, excessive scratching can cause many skin diseases, such as the skin can gradually rough and hypertrophic lesions of neurodermatitis; it can further spread acute eczema and increase exudation. Therefore, while treating patients, patients with skin diseases must control their hands to avoid scratching as much as possible. When itching, it can take medicine or apply medicine to relieve itching in time.

Wash hot water: Many patients use hot water to wash the rash. Although this can solve the itch for a while, it will exacerbate itching, especially dermatitis such as acute eczema. Hot water ishing can increase the permeability of the capillaries and promote allergies to promote allergies. The large amount of substances are released, which leads to exaggeration and erosion, which worsen the condition. Therefore, even the smoked and popular sauna of Chinese medicine is not suitable for patients with acute eczema and acute dermatitis.

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Use alkaline detergent: Many patients with skin diseases, such as patients with cracking eczema on the hand, have the habit of repeatedly using alkaline soap, laundry powder or washing their hands. In fact, these washing items can easily cause the skin to get more dry, causing cracking and itching. Bathing with soap with soap can inhibit sebum secretion with soap, make the skin more dry, thereby aggravating itching. Therefore, such patients can try soap -rich soaps.

Dietary: Some people can eat seafood, dog meat, beef and mutton, fish, shrimp, crab, silkworm pupae and various irritating foods, such as eating pepper, pepper, garlic, cinnamon, leek, etc. Perverted reactive skin diseases or worsen it. Therefore, for people with allergies, spicy stimuli should be avoided. The diet should be light, and some fruits can be eaten properly to supplement a variety of vitamins.

Drug abuse: It can be said that the phenomenon of aggravation of skin diseases caused by abuse of drugs abound. For example, topical corticosteroids are treated with tinea, resulting in the range of rash more and more extensively. The noodle minister has flat warts. After the treatment of hormone drugs, the more cure, the greater the cure. The long -term external use hormone of facial severity dermatitis has triggered stubborn and difficult to cure hormone dependent dermatitis. Acute erosion exudation eczema, abuse of ointment preparations, resulting in the spread and exudation of the rash and exudation. Therefore, the treatment of skin diseases must be diagnosed first, for the cause, and according to the shape of the rash, choose the appropriate treatment method.

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