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Excessive sensitivity is an early signal of coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is coronary atherosclerotic heart disease caused by abnormal lipid metabolism, which may cause arterial cavity stenosis, block blood flow, cause heart ischemia, and cause angina pectoris.

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Coronary heart disease patients have symptoms such as chest pain when they go, but at that time, the damage had reached a certain degree of appearance. Is there any symptom reaction that can make us be vigilant earlier?

Several signs of early coronary heart disease

1. sweaty

Why do I just want to be a quiet and beautiful man, but I sweat inexplicably? If nothing sweats, you can twist the water, and at the same time, his face is pale or even gray, without any blood.

In addition to the hot weather, it may be early symptoms of coronary heart disease.

2. Long -term weakness

It feels that the body is hollowed out, and even washing a bowl has spent a lifetime energy. The physical condition is not as good as before, I don’t want to do anything? It looks like a cold?

Extreme fatigue and always feel very tired and it is also likely to occur early in patients with coronary heart disease.

3. Dizziness and nausea

Frequent dizziness, loss of appetite and even disgusting?

This is also one of the possible symptoms of coronary heart disease. It is recommended to take a check as soon as possible.

4. I don’t sleep well

The pillow is too flat to sleep, and you need to lie down? Sleeping or nightmare will suddenly wake up, chest tightness, palpitations and breathing are not smooth to make adjustments to improve?

Sleep disorders are closely related to cardiovascular disease. If the above situation occurs for a long time, the possibility of coronary heart disease should be considered.

5. Excessive sensitivity

The sound of gongs and drums around, the sound of the square dance sound, and the sound of construction make you panic, chest tightness?

If it is a long -term symptom, it is recommended to consider whether it is a puzzle of coronary heart disease?

Start from the root cause to prevent coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is a chronic heart disease. It is high in the elderly group and has a high mortality rate and should be paid attention to. If the above symptoms occur, seek medical treatment in time to avoid irreversible damage.

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to “treating the disease without disease”, and Western medicine also emphasizes unanimous emphasis on the importance of disease prevention. So, what is the root cause of coronary heart disease, and how to prevent it?


The disease is from the mouth, and the dietary habits of high -calorie, high fat, and high cholesterol are prone to coronary heart disease. The obese of the super -weight standard, especially the soaring weight, and the abdominal obesity is even more dangerous.

Blood lipid

Excessive fat intake, genetic factors or abnormal lipid metabolism causes total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL/WLDL in patients with abnormal blood lipids, and HDL decreases at the same time, which is easy to get coronary heart disease.

blood pressure

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Educational blood pressure is an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease, which can easily cause coronary arteries and cerebral atherosclerosis. More than half of the patients with coronary heart disease have hypertension. The level of coronary heart disease in patients with hypertension is much higher than that of normal blood pressure.


“Smoking is harmful to health” is not just about speaking. Smokers have a very high chance of cardiovascular disease, and smoking quitting can also save some cardiovascular damage caused by some cardiovascular vascular.


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