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Exercise before eating breakfast, not only reduced fat can also reduce blood sugar!Effect!

Is it an empty stomach exercise or a good effect of eating breakfast first? This debate has continued for several years.

This group of people who believe that they should eat after breakfast believe that advanced food before exercise can increase blood sugar levels and provide sufficient fuel to the body, thereby increasing the intensity and duration of exercise. Doing this can also prevent fatigue and dizziness.

Another group who believes that it should be exercised first and after breakfast believes that fasting exercise can burn more fat.

Since 2010, at least three research results have supported the latter view.

Emptor exercise helps to control blood glucose levels

Researchers from institutions such as the University of Baths, University of Birmingham, the University of New South Wales in Australia, and Stock Medical University in Poland have recently discovered that by changing the time of eating and exercise, overweight people can better control blood glucose levels.

Researchers selected 30 overweight or obese men to ask them to participate in a six -week test. One group of people (12 people) first had breakfast and then exercised, and the other group (9) exercised before eating breakfast, and a group of people (9) as the control group. They did not adjust the lifestyle. The training content of the first two groups (the medium -intensity cycling exercise of 30 ~ 50 minutes is the same as the peak power output), and the food intake is equivalent.

The analysis of muscle biopsy shows that the fat consumed before breakfast is twice as much as the exercise after breakfast. The increase in fat consumption is mainly due to the decrease in insulin levels of participants during the exercise after fasting, which means that they can use the stored carbohydrates and fat cells as fuel.

In addition, more key proteins showed people in the muscles before breakfast, especially those proteins that participate in the glucose from blood to muscles (such as glucose transport protein-4, which is a type of extracellular glucose entered cells into cells entering cells into cells. The interior interior protein family participates in the process of sugar metabolism, inflammatory response, and immune response, and English for short).

Although the weight loss of the three groups of participants in the six weeks does not have significant differences, the overall health level of the participants of the empty stomach exercise group has undergone profound and positive changes, because their muscles can better respond to insulin. It helps to maintain stable blood glucose levels, enhance body capacity, and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The research results published in the “Clinical Endocrine and Metabolism Magazine” show that exercise can increase the health benefits of exercise after fasting all night.

Ethalu exercise fat reduction effect is good

British scientists found in 2017 that fasting exercise helps to burn more body fat, promote metabolism, and be more conducive to health in the long run.

Researchers at the University of Baths in the UK selected 10 overweight male participants. One group of participants walked for 60 minutes with a maximum oxygen consumption in an empty stomach, and the other group of participants walked with the same intensity 2 hours after eating high -calorie breakfast with carbohydrates.

Blood and adipose tissue analysis sample results show that the fat tissue genes of the two groups of participants are very different. The expression of PDK4 and HSL genes that play an important role in the process of human sugar and fat metabolism is enhanced during the participants on an empty stomach, and the exercise after meals decreases.

Researchers explained that the enhancement of the PDK4 gene expression indicates that the fat stored in the body instead of the newly intake carbohydrates provide energy for metabolism; enhancement of HSL gene expression generally occurs when adipose tissue provides additional energy.

The research results published in the “American physiology-endocrine and metabolic magazine” believe that the fat tissue will be busy to respond to food after eating, and will not cause beneficial changes; Change is better for improving long -term health.

Emptor exercise to improve glucose tolerance

Researchers at the University of Belgium selected 27 men who were healthy and usually loved sports in 2010 with their age between 18 and 25 years old. The researchers divided them into three groups, 7 people were used as the control group (non -exercise), and the other two groups (10 people each) conducted hard exercise in the morning (running and cycling), 4 times a week for 6 weeks; One group of people had breakfast first, and the other was exercised first.

The results published in the “Physiology Magazine” showed that men who do not exercise have increased weight. The weight of men who exercise after breakfast first have increased; Fat and blood glucose levels are stable, and glucose tolerance has also been improved.

The limitations of the three studies are that they only include men, so they lack persuasion for women who want to obtain a health -like effect. Future research will verify the above discovery in the women’s group, that is, whether women can benefit from fasting exercises like men.

What enlightenment can we get from these three studies?

Obviously, in order to draw an exact conclusion, it is necessary to carry out a larger sample volume and deeper and comprehensive research.

There are many amazing and seemingly unparalleled fat -burning gods on the market, such as pills, stickers, supplements and super foods … However, “you can lose weight lying down” is just a daydream. From the existing research results, it can be inferred that fasting exercise is more beneficial to the overall health. Even if this does not always reduce weight and shorten the waist circumference, but the effect of lipid reduction, blood sugar control, and improvement of glucose tolerance is real.

If you really intend to exercise on an empty stomach, you can use the trick and 4R principle summarized by the American Falter Skating Association, which can prevent muscle tissue from being decomposed.The 4R principle is:


Replenish supplementation


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In other words, even if you exercise on an empty stomach, you must drink water or exercise during exercise.Eat high -quality breakfast within 10 to 15 minutes after the exercise (the proportion of carbohydrates to high -quality protein is 4: 1).For example, you can choose fruits, assorted fruit with low -fat yogurt, or banana with peanut butter.

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