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Exercise may also accelerate aging!Reminder: 4 exercise methods, health can not be hurt but hurt

Aunt Liu is 63 years old. Since being diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes ten years ago, he has paid great attention to his health. After retirement, I fell in love with dancing square dance, thinking that such exercise also helps health.

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Recently, Aunt Liu danced and danced very much. He ate dinner at 6 o’clock every night, went downstairs to dance the square dance, and waited until about ten o’clock before going home.

Originally, I was thinking about being able to meet my friends and I could exercise my body. I didn’t want to jump out of the problem. One day when the stairs were staircase, I had symptoms such as knee joint pain and soft walking legs. I didn’t see it for a few days. The degenerative lesions are related to the dance of the square.

1. Exercise for the elderly, many benefits

With the increase of age, the enzyme levels in the elderly will decrease, the metabolism will deteriorate, the renal excretion function will be reduced, the blood circulation slows down, and the people will gradually aging.

Appropriate exercise can promote the activity of enzymes and anti -free radicals, and improve the metabolic ability of the human body, and delay aging.

In addition to delaying aging, the appropriate exercise of the elderly is also beneficial to the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, muscle skeletal system, digestive system, nervous system, etc. Therefore, if there are conditions, proper exercise should be performed.

Second, but 4 kinds of errors exercise, be careful of health and injuries

Although exercise and exercise are beneficial to physical health, the correct health method must ensure that the exercise method is correct, otherwise the health may become a wound. The following wrong exercise methods are not desirable.

1. Exercise too dense

Too dense exercise is not advisable. Exercise methods that are too long, severe exercise, and too little sleep will probably lead to increased cortisol content in the blood, leading to increased blood sugar, induced skin, decreased elasticity, wrinkles, etc. The problem, it is recommended to rest at least one day a week.

2. Poor body posture

The wrong exercise posture is likely to cause the spine to be destroyed, and the phenomenon of humpback is occurred. It is recommended to have a strong professional movement and under the guidance of professional coaches.

3. Do only aerobic exercise

There are many types of exercise. You cannot only do aerobic exercise. Proper strength training can maintain the burning of calories, maintain muscle weight, and make people look younger.

4. Ignore high -intensity intermittent exercise

According to research on the “Cell Magazine”, the risk of diabetes will reduce the risk of diabetes, and high -intensity intermittent exercise can help resist aging, so it is best not to ignore it.

Third, the best exercise suitable for the elderly, it turns out that these are these

When choosing exercise, the elderly should be carried out in conjunction with their hobbies and suitable. It is recommended to choose a soothing movement and choose the confrontation exercise carefully.

Such as Tai Chi, Five Poultry Drama, Meridian Patioment, Sitting and so on, soothing, low strength, and can protect the safety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems. It is the first choice for the elderly.

And ball sports such as tennis, table tennis, badminton, etc., the safety is relatively poor. Improper exercise in the elderly is likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and motor trauma. Therefore, you must choose carefully.

Proper exercise of the elderly helps delay aging, and it is also good for the normal operation of various systems of the body. Be careful of some wrong exercise methods to avoid the opposition to the body. It is recommended that the elderly choose a soothing exercise.

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