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Expert: baby new milk powder slowly changes

After the Japanese earthquake, mothers who have been eating Japanese brand milk powder have been worried about milk powder out of stock and raising dairy products to be contaminated, so they have accumulated Japanese milk powder. The reporter from Yangcheng Evening News saw a lot of mothers issued a lot of questions on major websites. Isn’t it afraid of changing milk powder for 3 months old? Will children not adapt to new milk powder? How to change to better help your baby transition? What kind of milk powder is safe and nutritious? In this regard, experts said that parents often see their children too delicately. In fact, the baby’s adaptability is very strong, especially the early childhood taste buds of children under 6 months are not perfect, the taste is not sensitive, and milk powder can be replaced for a day. Even if the child is a bit bigger, as long as it is good to induce, changing milk powder is not difficult.

Do you want to change the milk powder slowly?

From the old milk powder to the new milk powder, most mothers generally follow the principle of “slowly change” in order to transition smoothly: First add 1/3 of the new milk powder, add two or three days, and add to 1/2 of the amount. Eat so smoothly and then replace it completely. But this time the Japanese milk powder was out of stock, and the milk powder at home soon was finished, and many parents felt very anxious.

“In fact, the child’s ability to adapt is very strong, and parents are worried.” Professor Liu Haiyan, director of the newborn department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said that babies during hospitalization are usually engaged in a day. “This kind of milk powder is finished. Change to another, how can everyone starve to adapt slowly? “However, the babies never saw a phenomenon of picking and drinking well. From this point of view, it is often a misunderstanding that children are difficult to adapt.

Liu Haiyan pointed out that the early taste buds of children under 6 months have not been improved, and there is no problem with milk powder directly. Even if there are some do not eat at the beginning, just feed a few more times. “Mainly, mothers must have patience. If they are old children, they should pay more attention to the method.” Children over one year of age may be more sensitive to different tastes, forcing them to be effective than induction. For example, when they are emotionally good, they will be replaced with new milk powder, or they simply ignore this problem, and children may accept it faster.

How to choose new milk powder?

Since you want to change, how to choose the right milk powder? Liu Haiyan said that the factors to be considered are the following points:

Picking international brands is more reliable. Whether it is Japanese milk powder or European and American milk powder, their milk sources will be better, and they are more stringent in the process of manufacturing and processing, and they are more reliable from safety considerations. In addition, its composition content, nutrients, and additives are basically similar, and there is no difference in taste. It is best to choose the original imported milk powder, which may cause pollution.

Choose milk powder of the same stage. At different stages of children’s growth, the requirements for nutrients are different. It seems that the baby’s requirements for fat 6 months ago should eat the first milk powder. Babies of 6-9 months should strengthen iron, zinc, calcium, prevent anemia and calcium deficiency, and eat the second stage of milk powder to be suitable. If the two are exchanged, the nutrients in intake will be insufficient, affecting the baby’s growth and development. Babies who have been more than 9 months, if they are added smoothly, can not limit the choice of milk powder. As long as it adapts, it is okay to drink whole milk. But it is not even more expensive. In fact, sheep milk and milk are prepared according to breast milk composition in manufacturing. The nutritional components are not much different. The price may be expensive because of the low output of goat milk and the cost.

Choose milk powder that normal baby drinks. Some mothers see the milk powder containing probiotics and feel that they are good for the baby’s stomach, so they buy it for children. However, experts said that this kind of special milk powder is not necessarily suitable for normal infants, because it will break the balance of the original intestinal flora, which can easily lead to diseases such as indigestion, excessive gas production, and diarrhea. “Unless it is in the state of diarrhea, it is used more with antibiotics. You can eat a little probiotic milk powder appropriately.” In addition, low -sensitive milk powder can only be eaten by babies allergic to milk protein. Babies with galactosemia should drink milk powder without lactose.

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Under what circumstances should you consult a doctor?

In the process of changing milk powder, should there be some cases in time to consult a doctor? Liu Haiyan said it was true. First of all, how to change milk powder with diseases with diseases must be treated differently. Please ask the doctor to guide; in addition, some babies may have indigestion after changing milk powder. Although slowly tolerance will gradually improve, consulting doctors will make parents make parents in time to make parents make parents. More at ease.

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