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Experts taught you to call out your physique after giving birth

“October pregnant, once dating”, after the fetus and placenta are delivered, the systems of the new mother’s body, especially the reproductive system, will have a large physiological change. It needs to be slowly adjusted to restore or approach the state of not pregnancy. There is a saying that the folk is that “during the confinement, it is the best time to improve the physique in a woman’s life.” This sentence is not unreasonable. Postpartum recuperation is related to the health problems of the maternal future. Laipan various health hazards for the mother’s body. So, how to mix a good constitution after giving birth? We asked Dr. Pan Mingwo, Director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department (Maternal and Child Health and Conservation Center) of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital.


1. Restore physical strength and gradually make up for it step by step

Pregnant women are excreted in large amounts of liquid during childbirth, and the early skin excretion function of the puerperium is also strong and sweaty. New mothers need to pay attention to supplementing high -calorie and digestible liquid or semi -current food. After giving birth to a baby, many new mothers In order to supplement the consumption during childbirth and provide a multi -quality milk for the baby, they often start a lot of tonic soup when the baby just landed, such as the pig’s feet ginger supplemented by the maternal supplement in Guangzhou Vinegar, Maternal Jiuji Soup for Maternal Maternal in Hakka, etc., they think that this kind of soup is rich in nutrition and the most nourishing effect. In fact, the new mother has just given birth to a baby, and the digestive system is relatively weak. Immediately, a large amount of greasy soup is easy to cause abdominal pain or diarrhea, or the breasts are excessively filled, causing pain or even mastitis. If it is too rich and greasy, it may also allow the baby to have gastrointestinal discomfort after eating these milk. In the first week of the baby, the new mother only needs to add some light soup on the basis of the normal diet, such as fish soup, egg flower soup, etc. At the same time, pay attention to drinking too much oil above the oil above. Skim on the layer, or you can make some porridge, such as wheat porridge, black sesame porridge, mulberry porridge, jujube lotus seed porridge, pork liver lean meat porridge, etc. The constitution, gradually and slowly supplement.

2. Blood nourishing qi, warm meridian Tongluo

The postpartum vitality and blood blood are hurt. Therefore, the urgent charge is to nourish blood and nourish qi. Angelica, astragalus, wolfberry, Shougang, ginseng, longan, etc. in Chinese medicine all have a good function of nourishing blood and nourishing qi. Specific formulas must consult the doctor. Doctors will determine according to their personal constitution. For example, ginseng is a nourishing choice, but if you just finish it, you can’t wait to take it. It even induced major bleeding, and some ingredients contained in the category supplements have a strong heart and excitement, and it is not conducive to the early rest of the mother. Ginseng soup is generally recommended to take it after two weeks after giving birth. Efficacy has a good effect on yang deficiency such as uterine deficiency and cold, but the mother is different. They are prone to yin deficiency loss, lack of yin and blood, and yang. Causes the symptoms of irregular vaginal bleeding such as blood from the meridians. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion therapy, ear acupoint pressure therapy, etc., can also play a role in dredging meridians and running qi and blood.

3. Eliminate lochia and promote uterine recovery

When the mother will lose blood during childbirth, when the blood is deficient and the cold evil enters, it is easy to make the cold coagulation scratch, which will cause the lochia to be unobstructed. Chinese medicine believes that the dew is a kind of healing. Cold pain should be cleared in time, otherwise it will affect the recovery of the uterus and the operation of qi and blood. The biochemical soup has the effects of nourishing deficiency, removing stasis, and eliminating cold, which can promote dew discharge, regulate uterine contraction, and help the uterus recover. Therefore, the maternal can take biochemical soup under the guidance of a doctor after three days after giving birth. It should be reminded that women with coagulation dysfunction and postpartum bleeding are not recommended. During taking biochemical soup, if fever, infection, etc. occur, you must also stop taking it, and the Chinese medicine practitioners are requested to re -adjust the prescription.对于刚分娩的产妇,也可以喝红糖水煮鸡蛋,它不仅有助于产妇摄取足够的蛋白质以恢复体力,还可以补充产妇因分娩所丢失的大量体液,促进子宫收缩和恶露的排出,但是, Drinking brown sugar should be limited to 10 days after giving birth, otherwise it will cause the maternal vagina to bleed endlessly and cause anemia. In addition, massage on the abdomen can also promote the discharge of lochia and promote the recovery of the uterus as soon as possible.

4. Properly supplement dietary fiber to prevent constipation

Maternal maternals generally have side -cut wounds. The abdomen of a cesarean section also has a knife mouth of several centimeters long. Therefore, it should not be too hard during bowel movements to avoid the wound cracking. Yu Yurun is prone to constipation. Therefore, new mothers should pay more attention to dietary fiber after giving birth to ensure that fresh vegetables and fruits are supplied every day to maintain smooth stools, but cold vegetables and fruits, such as watermelon, should be avoided as much as possible.

In short, postpartum conditioning, the most important thing is to first give personalized conditioning schemes and diet guidance through physical identification, and follow these scientific conditioning schemes to adjust the constitution, so as to avoid leaving various “confinement children in the future sick”. (Correspondent: Peng Wenbin Lin Huifang)

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