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Experts teach you 11 tricks for self -examination early tumors

The formation of tumors has a process. If you can find it early, you can seize the best time to treat treatment and increase the hope of cure. So what kind of early signs of tumor should you pay attention to in your life?

Tumor daily self -examination

1. At least once a month, touch the neck, armpit, groin, etc. to check whether there is a swollen lymph node (generally believes that lymph nodes less than peanut rice are normal), what is the texture of the swollen lymph nodes, whether it is fixed, whether there is any? tenderness.

Second, when coughing for a long time, pay attention to whether there are blood wire doping in the coughing sputum. Pay attention to the cough time, the part of the chest pain, the amount of blood volume, the color of the blood wire, etc.

Third, when appetite and lose weight, if they are accompanied by nausea and vomiting, pay attention to whether there are dark brown content in the vomit, and pay attention to observe whether the stool is oily or blood. Whether the shape of the stool has changed.

Fourth, the female moon goes by one blow, and observe whether the breasts have a mass in the mirror; how hard the lumps, the degree of activity, and the adhesion of the skin; whether the skin shows the “orange skin” change; Whether there is swollen lymph nodes.

Fifth, women pay attention to observing whether there are bloody secretions in the leucorrhea and whether the leucorrhea has a smell.

6. Is there any change in the habits of large and urination, especially if you pay attention to whether there is pain, falling feeling, and baking shape when you are stool. Observe whether there are white discharge discharged, whether there is hematuria, and whether there are discomfort in the perineum.

Seven, when the sound is hoarse for a long time, should compare the mirror, breathe deeply, and observe the tonsil and other mass of the throat.

8. Men should pay attention to whether the penile foreskin is too long, whether there is an ulcer nodule at the urethral inlet, whether the penile coronary sulcus nodules, and whether the penile coronary groove has a vulnerable cauliflower.

Nine, when the long -term reasons are not clear, you should pay attention to the measurement of the body;

X. After the violent activity, the limbs have pain and the activity is limited. Pay attention to whether the limbs are swollen and whether the subcutaneous can touch the mass.

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Eleven. Pay attention to the changes in moles on the surface of the body.

Experts suggest that cancer screening should be done regularly to eliminate the disease in the bud state. The medical examination center has formulated a scientific medical examination package for various types of cancer screening, which is convenient for everyone to choose the inspection project reasonably during cancer screening.

(Intern editor: Tan Yong)

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