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Exploring the “longevity of longevity” of the centenary couple

The 50th anniversary of marriage is called “Golden Wedding”, and the 60th anniversary is called “Diamond Marriage”. What is the 80th anniversary? Some people say that “oak marriage”, because the oak tree symbolizes the stability of marriage; some people say “fossil marriage”, because fossils mean the husband and wife longevity …

This problem is a centenarian couple in Pingliang City, Gansu Province. Household registration information shows that her husband Du Jiru was 105 years old on July 14, 1909; his wife Chen Gen’e was born on August 20, 1910 and is now 104 years old. load. It is not easy for a longevity to live long. It is even more rare for husbands and wives to “live a hundred years old”. With curiosity and questions, “Life Reporter” came to the home of the old couple and asked them to ask them for longevity and marriage.

Looking for a hundred -year -old couple, I went to Taoyuan in the world

On July 21, the reporter left Kashgar and rushed to Lanzhou, Gansu. In the early morning of the second day, I drove more than 400 kilometers and rushed to Pingliang. After 6 hours of trek, he finally arrived in Pingliang City. However, there is more than 120 kilometers from Libao Town, Xuanchuan County, where the elderly is located. After a moment of rest, we continue to rush.

Lepao Town is 1270 meters above sea level. It is located on a belt -shaped surface, which is popular in a flat area on the top of the mountain. After reaching the top of the mountain, the vision suddenly opened up, and a pastoral scenery came into sight. There are bricks and tile houses on both sides of the path. Each family is an iron door. It is very angry. The old people in the group are sitting in front of the door. There are farmland around, corn has been pumped, and the large and round watermelon lay on the ground. We and his group were feeling: “This is a paradise!”

The car stopped in front of a soil road. Due to narrow roads, everyone could only walk. After getting off the car, it feels extremely cool. The temperature of 20 ° C makes people feel like summer. Lu Junming, deputy mayor of Libao Town, said: “Ping Liang, it’s cool!” We finally arrived at our destination through a small road.

The farmhouse is diligent and frugal

It is no exaggeration to say that the family of the old couple looks more angry than other houses. On the open space on both sides of the house, two tall haystacks were piled up, and a tall walnut tree was in front of the gate, and the branches and leaves were lush. The door face is inlaid with tiles, which says the four characters “Hongfu Home”.

Entering the small courtyard, a fan -shaped “big flower bed” is facing the door. Except for the three or four roses, the others are fruits and vegetables, including cucumber, tomatoes, grapes, etc. There are two persimmon trees and a ginkgo on both sides of the flower bed. Six large tile houses around the flower bed, the corner of the yard also covered a beef ring and chicken shed, raised 10 chickens and 4 cows, and cleaned very cleanly. The whole courtyard is diligent and simple.

Seeing the guests, Du Binwen, the 53 -year -old son of the old couple, came out of the house and welcomed us into the main room. Large TV, leather sofa, floor bricks, rooms are arranged like urban families. During the chat, Du Binwen told reporters that the old mother had a cold recently, her physical condition was not very good, and she was difficult to get up. She was lying in the house every day. The old father kept staying with her.

The reporter came to the chamber to visit with Du Binwen. Gently opened the curtain, and saw that Chen Gen’e covered the quilt on the bed, holding a handkerchief in his hand, and wiped his nose and corners from time to time. Du Jiru sat in the corner of the corner and quietly accompanied his wife. This is the most common and quiet two -person world of the old couple.

Seeing the reporter entering the house, Chen Gen’e patted the bedside and motioned the reporter to sit down, and Du Jiru got up and welcomed us. At first glance, Chen Gen’e’s physical condition did not have a strong husband. The old man was thin, his face was yellow, and his speech was weak. And Du Jiru’s body was tough, his action was free, and his voice was like Hong Zhong. The reporter greeted the old man’s ear: “Grandma, are you better?” Chen Gen’e replied: “Nothing, just a few days!”

Walking through suffering is happiness

Both Du Jiru and Chen Gen’e were in Libao Town, but the two did not know before marriage. After introducing the Muchi Murakami, they came together. “At that time, Gen’e had double eyes”, “Following Confucianism, he was tall and big”, and to this day, both of them had a deep memory of the other party when they were young.

When Du Jiru had been private when he was a child, he became an accountant in the village. Chen Gen’e concentrated on holding his family. In addition to taking care of his family, he worked in farm work in the ground.

After the marriage, Du Jiru and Chen Gen’e gave birth to 6 children. Due to the heavy burden, and Du Jiru’s brother had no children under his knees, the two succeeded each daughter to each other and left the four sons beside him. In order to pull the children to grow up, the couple did not suffer.

What makes Du Binwen remember that there are no animals in the family, and the mother can only push the stone grinders, and the calluses on their hands are more and more, and the father wore a pair of cloth shoes in the end of the year, even if she exposed her toes, she also worn together. “In the most difficult years, they want to do everything possible to overcome difficulties. Occasionally they are awkward, and they are tolerate and respect each other. After the living conditions improve, the relationship between the two is more stable.” Du Binwen said.

The longevity of a centenary couple

What made Du Binwen was pleased that the parents’ bodies have always been tough, except for the back of the ear, there is no major problem. “In the past three years, the old mother has been inconvenient to move, but the doctor said that this is natural aging and there is no major. The blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, and heart function of the old couple are all standard.” Is there a secret in longevity of husband and wife? “Life Times” reporter tried to summarize the reasons behind the first -hand interview materials.

Eat everything, vegetarian food. The old couple never picky eaters and eat everything, but they are mainly vegetarian all year round, and the meat is rarely eaten. Xiaomi, corn and other miscellaneous grains, the old people have eaten for a lifetime, they are their favorite. In addition, only eat their own radish, cabbage, potatoes, and rarely buy vegetables from outside. The amount of rice is stable and diet. Over the years, no matter what you eat, the volume of the old couple has been relatively stable, never hungry, and three meals are generally a bowl of rice or a ravioli, and then with a small dish.

Love labor and not idle. “Now paying attention to exercise, but in the past, no one pays attention to. Farm work is exercise, and insisting on labor is to persist in exercise.” Du Binwen said that parents worked farming all year round, spring farming and autumn harvest, and never idle. Before he got sick, Chen Gen’e was washed the clothes of the old couple, and sitting on the bed embroidered insoles when he was fine. Until now, Du Jiru will also give full play to the heat of the flower beds, shoes, shoes, and cages, etc. The old man converged when he trimmed his shoes. He picked up a small iron nail with a big hand. It was particularly stable and skilled. After a while, he could nail the shoes.

Like reading and spreading knowledge. Reading is Du Jiru’s lifelong hobby. After reading it, I did not forget to tell the folks to the folks, and it spread a lot of knowledge in the subtle way. The old man believes that this can “charge” the brain in time.

It is kind, and accumulates virtue. “The old man is taking the lead!” Du Binwen recalled that no matter where the road was renovated, his father would voluntarily participate in, actively contributed, and never resigned. So much so that the villagers gradually formed the tradition of self -cultivation highways in the village. The biggest feature of the mother is the kindness. Even if she is difficult to live, she will still shrink food to help others. The elderly in the village said that the longevity of the old couple was because of the accumulation of a lot of grace.

Take care of each other and take care of them. The old couple is very loving and happy to take care of each other. When Chen Gen’e is in good health, he takes more attention to her husband, three meals a day, tailor -made clothes for him, and laundry clothes … Now, he is replaced by Du Jiru to take care of his wife, help his wife wear clothes, take clothes, and pour water to pour water every day. , Take the medicine on time and replace the diapers, the details of life are taken care of by him.

Improve conditions and enjoy benefits. Du Binwen said that the long life of the elderly is inseparable from the improvement of living conditions. Now Er Er enjoyed the country’s preferential policies for the elderly, one is the living subsidy of the elderly, each elderly person is 1,000 yuan per year; the other is the elderly subsidy, and the elderly over 60 years old are 60 yuan per month. The medical conditions in the village are much stronger than in the past. When you see a doctor, you can enjoy the agricultural conjunction, and you can seek medical treatment in the village.

In the afterlife, he was also a centenary couple

Even if life is difficult and busy farming, Du Jiru and Chen Gen’e did not ignore the education of their children. “Comply with the discipline and the law, do things practically; to be kind with others, and get along well.” Children are also very proud and satisfied with the elderly. Among the four children, the boss became a national cadre. Although the second and third child worked at home, the life was still popular; in order to take care of his parents, the younger son stayed in his hometown middle school. headmaster.

Nowadays, Du Jiru and Chen Gen’e have 10 grandchildren and 7 grandson. The tradition of good and filial piety continuously inherited among juniors. Children will often go home to visit the old couple, delicious, fun, new clothes to take home, and use their own way to filial piety. Children who go out will often visit because they live close.

At the end of the interview, the reporter lay in Du Jiru’s ear and asked: “If there is a lifetime, do you still marry Chen Gen’e?” The old man laughed a few times and said, “We have not enough in this life, and you have to do a hundred again in the next life. The year -old couple, live a more comfortable life together! “

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