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Exposed Wu Qili to be a primary three chase, who misunderstood love and destroy his life

According to Hong Kong media reports, in 2011, Wu Qili resolutely took her daughter Wu Zhuolin to settle from Shanghai to settle in Hong Kong, and joined the wireless filming as a host. After that, she started to start the business. The work is not long, and Wu Qili, who is not in investment in the encounter, has lost economic pressure, and has a good financial pressure on her friend’s dinner, knowing the current members of the Legislative Council, Shi Liqian. Regardless of whether the other party has a girlfriend Lisa who has been in love for many years, she has actively attacked, and even pointed out that she did not ask for self -esteem and tried to kill the opponent’s half -mountain residence overnight.

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Make a life twice at a time

Three years ago, Wu Qili took Zhuo Lin, who was exactly the same as Jackie Chan to settle in Hong Kong. His friend Lin Jianming actively arranged for a meal party to let her meet new friends and re -integrate into Hong Kong to live.

In 2012, at a friend dinner, Wu Qili introduced through Ma Shiheng that he met the Legislative Council member Shi Liqian. At that time, someone proposed to her: “He (Shi Liqian) is a member of the Legislative Council, elaine (Wu Qili English name). He takes you to visit the Legislative Council. “

Seeing that the other party had no shelves, and the first meeting had been happy, Wu Qili and Shi Liqian met more times, and then asked the other party to take their mother and daughter and daughter classmates to visit the Legislative Council.

It was cooked twice at a time. Since then, Wu Qili has disturbed each other without any size, and every meal or party, as long as there is Shi Liqian, Wu Qili will definitely take the time to appear.

“Elaine used to be a house girl before. It would only appear once or twice about ten times, but since I met Shi Liqian, as long as the other party will come out, Elaine must show his face.” A friend who attended the dinner said.

Active attack

Wu Qili’s positive intention is that all the people around him are in his eyes. The friendly persuaded, saying that the other party has a stable girlfriend Lisa. Don’t repeat the marriage of Jackie Chan and Lin Fengjiao, and then be a third party. However, Wu Qili did not enter the ear at all, and even upgraded the action, and the telephone and text messages were interrupted every day; Shi Liqian, who was stared at, also began to find that Wu Qili was “wrong”. In order to avoid deepening the misunderstanding, he began to avoid the dinner party and refused to reply to reply. Wu Qili’s phone and short message.

Although the man was alienated, he was fired by Shangtai because offending wireless, and he was fired by Shangtai, plus the investment defeat and the fader who was cheated by his uncle. In the face of economic pressure, Wu Qili, who wanted to find a backer, did not give up. The residence of Zhaohuitai, Ban Mountain, asked to “talk about the heart”, but the other party asked to eat closed doors.

The boyfriend was chased and eventually shocked Shi Liqian’s genuine girlfriend Lisa, but it is understood that Wu Qili, who looks at the goal, has not been fully agreed.

Different confession

DBC Digital Radio has a host once a week. Wu Qili has limited income. To be supplied to the building, it is necessary to provide Zhuo Lin to study international schools and learn horses.

After recording the radio program on Monday (14th), Wu Qili drove to Digital Port to return to Tai Po. When hot air, he did not open the air -conditioned oil saving oil. Go to the supermarket to buy red wine and choose 88 special goods.

For Shi Liqian, Wu Qili was tight. “I met well (I wanted to talk about it for a long time, and I changed my mouth to change his mouth.) A lot of friends, many friends know, what do you do? (Did you know it for a long time?) No, why? I have seen it a few times! Don’t you want to see it! Don’t want to see it! Don’t you want Play! “

On the same day, Shi Liqian, who was attending the meeting on the last two days of the meeting during the Legislative Council, took the time with the wealthy friend Guo Bingxiang to the nearby Starbucks. When he left, the reporter came forward and asked him to have a relationship with Wu Qili. ?) Know, I have met for about two years. (Have he rumored to chase you?) Ten -year -old people, who can chase? Find a young man! (Do you want to go to your house?) Home? My house? Please have a lot of people, I have a girlfriend, how do I develop? “

Wealth and momentum

Shi Liqian, 68, was born in Macau. He is the president of the former Land Development Corporation and a consultant of the Da Shun Policy Research Center. In 2000, he entered the Legislative Council with the functional group of the real estate and construction industry. He is now a member of the Legislative Council and the chairman of the accounting committee. Shi Liqian is rich and has a generous person, and has 9 companies’ shares and multiple properties. In addition, he also serves as a director of 15 listed companies, including Hong Kong Mortgage Securities Co., Ltd., MTR Corporation, Macau Gaming Holding Co., Ltd., Country Garden and Taishan Petrochemical. Outside politics, there are also many business, including hotels, real estate, aviation, and architecture. In 2013, he was awarded the honor of the Golden Bauhinia Star in the SAR Government, with wealth and momentum.

Work trajectory

In 11 years, Wu Qili returned to Hong Kong with the Xiaolong girl Wu Zhuolin. Before returning to the curtain, she made money and hosted in the Wireless Drama. However, she was accused of poor performance and her career.

After returning to Hong Kong for two years, the head gun hosted the inferior comment of the show “Women Have something”, the guests were not enough, and the performance was stiff and the ratings were bleak; “In”, because of the poor attitude, the script was not remembered, and the NG frequently offended the director, making Wu Qili his pets and lost his contract with wireless.

Afterwards, I had the opportunity to host the show “A circle”, but because the performance was too poor, the boss Yu Yue did not receive the goods. After three months of trial period, he did not receive a contract.

It was unhappy with the Shangtai. Last year, he switched to DBC, and then hosted the show of the show “Cross -Border Love” on the digital radio station. Episode one week, the income and listening rate are equally limited. Although we say that there is no right or wrong in the world of love, different views of love have a different impact on us. A correct view of love can lead us to find true love and gain love. But if you hold a wrong view of love, you will have a different impact on us, hurt yourself, and despair. Here are several wrong views of love, and the adverse psychological effects caused by each wrong view of love.

1. Where there is no fragrant grass in the world

Whenever they are in a crisis of emotional crisis, many people who persuade each other will say similar words, “Three -legged toads are not easy to find, men/women with two legs are full of streets”, “Everything to look forward” and so on Essence

Caused bad psychology: I can find a better one, so I do n’t want to feel now. This will cause a person to lose our minds, so as to give up the objective analysis of the status quo, give up the effort to the emotional crisis and save. However, reality is not what you imagine. You give up this relationship that may not be able to find a better one, and it is difficult to find almost the same. You know, the more you experience, the less you feel.

2. Rely on your career to revitalize your feelings

When some friends are frustrated, they often become grief into strength and turn their energy to their careers. Even many elders think that if you have a successful career, you can have feelings, or you can restore your original feelings, or to find a better relationship. Some people simply treat their careers as their emotional chips.

Caused adverse psychological hints: the career determines feelings. But this is not the case. Because some people are very pure, they only value their feelings without paying attention to their careers, at least not to find feelings based on their careers. In this case, the cause of your hard work is like dung to him/her; some people may not be purely not pure He/she will recognize your career, but do you think this feeling is pure? Is he/she looking for you, or is your career?

3. No best, only better

Some people think that this idea is very smart. It can keep you “self -improvement” and play with your feelings on the palm of your hand, which is very fulfilled.

Caused bad psychological hints: this view seems very “mature”, and it is actually naive. It makes you lose your judgment on feelings. It always looks at the mountain height and reviews the feelings with a discerning look. There are also good, often let you lose watermelon and pick up sesame seeds. Another one, someone holds this view, purely to play with feelings, which will make you indifferent to responsibility in your heart. In the end, when you want to be serious, you can’t regret it.

4. The older the man, the more valuable

When men encounter emotional difficulties, they are often advised to be “Diamond King”. When you have money, there are good girls.

Caused adverse psychological hints: This situation is similar to the second situation and will not be repeated. Talking about what I didn’t mention, whether you can be the fifth Wang Lao or not, whether you can find the girl you like, the most important point is not to wait. When you were young, you did n’t regret your good time when you were young, do n’t you regret it? Therefore, we still have to “fight for the night”.

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