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Extreme fatigue should not be treated with acupuncture

Experts remind that under the premise of a complete body structure, the functional disorders that occur can use acupuncture therapy. For example, abdominal pain caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction, and even infertility caused by disorders caused by reproductive system function may be cured with acupuncture. But these are based on a premise -the patient’s organs are not damaged.

The functional state of the patient’s body, determine the effect of acupuncture treatment

People want to choose a famous doctor during acupuncture treatment. In fact, the effect of acupuncture therapy does not depend on the doctor. To a certain extent, the functional state of the patient’s body determines the treatment effect of acupuncture.

In the same disease, the treatment effect of the elderly is generally worse than the young people. The treatment effect of weak constitutions is generally worse than those with better constitution. This is because the physical response and regulation ability of the elderly and the weak constitution have decreased, and the response to the stimulus is smaller.

Experts say that acupuncture is to achieve the treatment purpose by regulating the human body, and the “degree” of adjustment is controlled by the body itself. For example, some people have a dry cough, and the cause of the beginning may be cough caused by the upper respiratory tract infection. If it is not cured in time, repeated severe cough may enhance the cough center of the brain. In this way, even if the respiratory problem is resolved, the dry cough is still the dry cough, and its dry cough is still the same. Will continue. For this situation, if you take town cough for a long time, your side effects cannot be ignored, and acupuncture treatment is effective and safe.

“Acupuncture and Face” and other services are mostly hype

Some beauty institutions use acupuncture to lose weight as gimmicks to launch services such as “acupuncture and face”. Li Shiliang said that the mechanism of acupuncture to lose weight is to control the purpose of appetizing and reducing the amount of weight loss by regulating the excitement of the food center and the full -food center. Although the effect of weight loss is relatively uniform, it is difficult to achieve the effect of “referring to where to reduce”, and it may not be effective for some people with a special body shape.

In fact, acupuncture weight loss is the same as other weight loss methods, just auxiliary means to lose weight. If people want to control their weight, they still need to rely on changing bad living habits.

At the same time, experts also admitted that acupuncture weight loss is better for simple obesity, and obesity caused by diabetes must be controlled first, and acupuncture to lose weight on this basis, the effect is better.

Extremely fatigue, it is not advisable to treat acupuncture

Depending on human constitution, it is divided into groups that are suitable for acupuncture treatment and should not be treated with acupuncture. People who are not suitable for acupuncture are: the patient’s life signs are unstable; those with coagulation disorders; those with poor physical condition, such as extreme fatigue, hunger or over fullness, and high spiritual tension.

In addition, pregnant women’s abdomen, lumbosacral region and part of the blood circulation acupoints are not suitable for acupuncture, and infants and young children should not be acupuncture.

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