Eye body test is best once a year

Some eye diseases can be found early through screening. Experts give the following suggestions on the medical examination of the eye:

1. Once a person with a history of glaucoma and a cataract family is more than 30 years old, you have to do an eye inspection once a year, over 40 years old, and if there are some threatened symptoms, you have to do an examination once in 3 months.

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2. For the three highs, it is best to check the bottom of the eye during physical examination. Yang Jinxian suggested that diabetes should be checked in the early stage, mainly to check the bottom of the eye and make retinal angiography. In the early stage, it can be compared with a better comparison in the later period, which can be more likely to discover the progress of the disease and prevent it early. It is best to go to the hospital for half a year to check the eyes. The onset of the eyes is mainly divided into six phases. At the beginning, the first and second phases can be treated without treatment, but the third phase must be treated.

3. Ordinary young and middle -aged people who have not done ophthalmology before, it is best to do a comprehensive examination, including vision, eye pressure, and bottom of the eye. It is best to do a crack lamp examination. Corneal disease, cataract, and glaucoma can be checked.

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