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Faced with diarrhea, parents often make two mistakes!Director of Pediatric Insurance: Prevention of Woring Viruses mainly depends on vaccines

The recently introduced “Chinese Children’s Development Outline (2021-2030)” emphasizes the promotion of children’s healthy growth. In response to the high incidence of wheeled virus infection in the current autumn and winter seasons, the Guidance of the Chinese Prevention Medical Association and the “Health Times” and “Medical Daily” jointly sponsored the “Rotato Virus Family Education Series Activities” recently entered Guangzhou.

Professor Hu Dandan, director of the Child Health Department of Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center and chairman of the Child Health Professional Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Association of Prevention Medicine, to the public’s detailed explanation of scientific infant immune knowledge and rotary virus prevention and control knowledge. She emphasized that the infectivity of the wheel virus is very strong. At present, there is no special medicine for treatment. Vaccination is the best means to prevent rotor virus infection.

Medical Guidance: Professor Hu Dan Dan, Chairman of the Children’s Health Council of Guangzhou Women’s and Children’s Medical Center and Chairman Hu Dan Dan

Roman virus infection not only occurs in autumn and winter, just be alert to the three major symptoms

Since entering the autumn and winter seasons, there are significantly increased children in hospitals due to diarrhea and other discomforts. According to Hu Dandan, there is a significant increase in children’s internal medicine clinics at the Guangzhou Women’s and Children’s Medical Center, mainly during seasonal infectious diseases, such as flu, gastroenteritis, and gastroenteritis, diarrhea, etc. caused by influenza, acute gastroenteritis, and rotary virus infection.

Among them, diarrhea is the second cause of death in children under the age of 5 in the world. In the causes of virus diarrhea in my country, rotary virus is mainly based, accounting for more than 90%.

“From October from October to February of the following year, it is a season that is prone to gastroenteritis related to rotavirus. There will be a small peak in the outpatient department of relevant departments. Of course, in addition to autumn and winter, wheels may also occur in other times. Infectious diarrhea of ​​the virus. “She reminded parents to pay attention to the attention of vomiting, diarrhea, and fever symptoms of children with gastroenteritis. Diagnosis.

The infection of the rotary virus is invisible, the younger the younger the more serious

The infection rate of rotor virus is very high, and almost every child has been infected with rotavirus before 3-5 years old. Among children under the age of 5, the incidence of children from 6 months to 2 years old accounts for 90%; and in this age, babies within 1 year of age account for 60%.

The rotor virus is mainly transmitted through the dung mouth. This kind of infection is actually invisible. The source of the infection is mainly a hidden infection of the virus. Toys played by children, water cups, sanitary appliances, toilet rooms and other items and places may be hidden with rotavirus. Then after other children are exposed to touch, a small number of viruses may cause infants and young children.

“This is why the family is very clean, especially when the baby within June does not go out to the place where there are many people, and no other children are in contact. They stay at home, but there is still a fever and diarrhea.” Hu Dandan said A second -child and third -born family, common older brothers and sisters go to school in kindergarten. They may take the rotor virus home to transmitted to their brothers and sisters, causing the onset.

The smaller the baby is infected with a rotary virus, the higher the age of infection, and the more serious the condition may be. A vertical study shows that the most serious symptoms of rotavirus diarrhea appear in the first infection. Therefore, to prevent rotor virus infection, starting from the age group.

In response to the diarrhea of ​​the rotary virus, parents often make two major mistakes

Due to the lack of perception of rotavirus, many parents have misunderstandings and error treatment on the problem of diarrhea in their children, and they need to be corrected.

The first misunderstanding: Children’s gastroenteritis is to eat the wrong thing, it is a bacterial infection, quickly take antibiotics for the child

Hu Dan Dan’s error: Not all diseases are infected by bacteria. In children’s acute diarrhea, the proportion of viral causes is as high as 90%. Only 10%may be caused by eating unclean food (or other factors). If parents are blindly used, they may not have the effect of treatment, and they may also cause the disorders of the flora and cause diarrhea to increase. This is the largest misunderstanding.

The second misunderstanding: The child has a diarrhea and still has a fever, irritable and crying, and asked the doctor to prescribe special effects medicine

Hu Dan Dan’s error: The diarrhea caused by rotary virus infection will be more serious. Some children may have diarrhea for more than ten days and may have a fever. Parents are particularly worried that they will ask the doctor to prescribe the antiviral medicine. Can. We can understand the mood of parents, but currently there is no special medicine for the infectious diarrhea of ​​the rotavirus. The relevant documents of the World Health Organization mentioned that clinicians can only give symptomatic support for symptomatic treatment. To prevent dehydration of the child, or if the child has dehydration, the dehydration is corrected by some infusion and fluid to maintain his hydrolysis balance, helping the acute period of the disease, and then let him recover naturally.

Is it useful to be infected with rotary virus? Is it useful?

Research on epidemiological survey shows that the common serum types of rotavirus in my country are mainly five types of G1, G2, G3, G4, and G9, accounting for 98.6%of the rotary virus infected by children under the age of 5 in my country.

“The serum form of this virus has continued to change over time.” Hu Dandan pointed out that before 2007, my country mainly focused on G3 serum type; since 2009, the ratio of G1, G2, and G9 has gradually increased. Since 2011, the G9 has been the main serum type of rotavirus.

Due to the strong infection of the romance, the hard -to -hand washing is not enough to prevent infection. The World Health Organization suggested that vaccination is the best means to prevent rotavirus infection. At present, a five -selling virus orally on the market can take poisoning vaccines in orally, which can target these five serum types to protect the baby from being inflected in rotor virus. “Parents should pay special attention to the vaccination time of the rotary virus vaccine. Its window period is particularly short, don’t miss it!” Hu Dandan reminded that five -virus oral virus oral reduction vaccines need to be vaccinated three doses. The first dose can be vaccinated from 6 weeks (the first in vaccination time window is 6-12 weeks). After 4-10 weeks, the second dose can be vaccinated; the latest third dose is that it cannot be 32 weeks old.

If you miss the window period and the child has not been vaccinated with a rotary virus vaccine, then Baoma must do a good job of washing hands, ventilation at home, keeping food and water from the home, and keeping the sanitary facilities. Go to the crowd. All in all, in fact, the real disease prevention is the real protection method. Therefore, it is recommended that parents should make appointments in advance, register, and take their babies to take vaccination in time after time.

Does it still have a role in being infected with rotary virus? In this regard, Hu Dandan responded that “useful!”, She further explained that there are five serum types in my country’s main epidemic viruses, and one infection may be one of them. After the infection, it will indeed treat this serum type after the infection. Roman virus is immune, but there is no resistance to other types, and the rotavirus gastroenteritis may still be obtained next time. Therefore, although infected with rotary viruses, if the first dose can be inoculated in the 6-12 weeks of window, it is still emphasized.

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