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Faced with newborn jaundice, do you pass the baby like this?

Many mothers waiting for pregnant mothers are thinking about giving birth to babies in winter, because it is too hard to produce in the hot summer and bring babies.

However, the most often facing babies born in winter are neonatal jaundice.

The time of sunlight in winter is significantly shortened, and the blue light and green light in the sun can reduce the bilirubin value in the baby’s body. Among them, the mild jaundice of the newborn can reduce the symptoms of jaundice by actively exposed the sun, but when sun exposure, you must remember to protect the eyes and genitals. At the same time, the sun can also supplement vitamin D to reduce the incidence of low calcium in newborns.

Facing newborn jaundice, the author has encountered three types of parents:

1 When you first come out of the calf, you are not afraid of tiger type (pit baby type)

Generally speaking, such novice parents do not have much their own opinions. Most of the time they listen to the “old saying” of family and friends, and even stay in one -sided information they know. Most of them feel that newborn jaundice is not a big problem, doctors love to scare people …

Therefore, no matter how much the doctor told them the harm of new children’s jaundice, and even signing the risk of seven or eight times to inform the risks, they disagree. I always feel that the doctor just told them that the baby needs to take blood tests to increase the hospitalization rate. It may need to be transferred to the new children’s science, and even use blood products or blood change for treatment.

The newborn doctor told them:

The situation of the newborn needs to be transferred to the newborn department for Blu -ray treatment.

After the blue light, if the jaundice disappears obviously, it is necessary to continue to follow the blue light.

Because the jaundice period will still fluctuate, the condition of jaundice may increase, or it may be repeated, and even cause neonatal bilirubin encephalopathy …

But no matter how hard the doctor is, he still can’t persuade such parents. You don’t have to wait for his own baby to go yellow like a small yellow man. They will not think of going to the hospital for treatment. Even when they go to the hospital risk.

When encountering such pit baby -type parents, babies have either jaundice have reached the point where they need to follow blue light, or they need Blu -ray+blood products. And this is quite lucky. The author has occasionally encountered several cases of neonatal gallbladder encephalopathy occasionally, which is very sad!

Note: When the level of serum bilirubin is too high, a large amount of bilirubin enters the brain base tissue and other tissue through blood brain barrier, causing acute bilirubin encephalopathy.

It shows drowsiness, reduced muscle tension, poor sucking, stimulating, corner bow, and even fever, screaming, convulsions, etc. Some children will have sequelae such as low intelligence, hands and feet, and hearing disorders, which are called nuclear jaundice.

The most sad thing is that there are a small number of parents. No matter how the doctors persuade, they insist on bringing the baby to discharge, and eventually the newborn death is caused by gallbladder encephalopathy.

2 Traditional and medium rectangular type (retrospective transition type)

This kind of parents will have their own opinions at the beginning. I feel that the baby’s jaundice value is 12mg/dl. It is also possible to treat it. Why do I need to check the blood of 11mg/dl? Don’t listen to the doctor. Until the baby’s time was 27 hours, the jaundice value rose to 19 mg/dl before starting to worry.

In fact, this kind of parents do not understand that the jaundice value of newborns is mainly related to time -old, not only depending on the value.

However, at the beginning, doctors told them the baby’s condition. They couldn’t hear them. They didn’t listen to it. They didn’t listen to it. They did not hear a big loss. They found that the baby’s jaundice was particularly fast. Only then will you slowly listen to the doctor’s suggestion and ask the doctor to deal with it quickly. The hospitalization is hospitalized. It needs to be used with blood products.

But they occasionally want to be discharged in advance, because they feel that the baby’s skin is not yellow and there is no problem. In fact, this is wrong again!

Although the skin outside the baby does not look yellow, it does not mean that the bile red value in the blood is normal. Because after the blue light, the outermost skin is yellow, and then the bilirubin in the blood will slowly retreat. Therefore, according to the jaundice of Blu -ray, the discharge standard is mainly to look at the value of bilirubin in the blood, not just the skin color.

Such parents generally do not eat too much loss, but because the stubbornness at the beginning will also hurt the baby to suffer.

For example, only need to take some yellow medicine, but because parents did not agree with treatment at the beginning, the baby needs to be hospitalized in Blu -ray.

Another example is that the baby is born when there is jaundice. Parents did not listen to the doctor as soon as possible, and regularly review the jaundice of the neonatal department. It was not until the jaundice value of the baby’s blood reached 312umol/L before the treatment started. But at this time, the baby is likely to use blood products to be yellow. After all, blood products were extracted from human blood, and risks must be there, which also increases the risk of the baby’s infection. However, in order to treat, we still need to use it after weighing the pros and cons.

3 small sheep type (“mother” type)

This kind of parents usually take the initiative to understand some of the baby’s knowledge; every day when the nurse measures jaundice, they will ask the baby’s jaundice value; when you see that the baby’s “white eyes” are a bit yellow, you will hold the doctor when you are in the inspection room. Ask your baby if jaundice is jaundice and do you need to deal with it.

Sometimes the baby’s jaundice can choose to take medicine or choose Blu -ray treatment, they will choose to treat Blu -ray. Because they may have an impact on the baby’s brain development when they hear jaundice, they will be very worried.

The precautions of the doctors’ explanation about newborns will take it seriously, for fear that for the first time as a parent for the first time.

However, such parents also need to relax moderately, and they cannot be tightened every day, otherwise it will also affect the baby’s emotions.I hope the parents of the pit baby will not wait until the baby shows signs of nuclear jaundice, and then regret it.

It is hoped that parents who have changed their minds can act decisively and do not have fluke.

I hope that parents of the “Mother” type will properly relax their nerves. After all, the incidence of depression after giving birth is also very high. Take care of themselves to take care of the baby.

I hope that there is no appearance of nuclear jaundice, let us actively respond to the early days of jaundice!

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