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Family medicated diet: Chinese medicine diet helps you overcome “beer belly”

With the age of age and the deep sleep stage, men decrease. Due to poor sleep quality, hormonal secretion will decrease, and the lack of hormones will increase the body fat and gather in the abdomen. There are many reasons for male beer belly, not just these. Chinese medicine meals can effectively help men eliminate abdominal fat. Let’s take a look at the following:

Beer bellyching “Dad Soup”

Materials: 200 grams of celery, 1 catfish (about 1 catties), a little ginger.

Chinese medicine: 5 grams of incense, 5 grams of incense sand, 3 grams of Huaishan, and 3 grams of chess pieces.

Production: Wash the fish plane to remove the internal organs, use raw oil to make the pan, and fry until the yellow is about eight points cooked. After the celery and various medicinal materials are boiled with ten bowls of water for 20 minutes, add the catfish for about 2 hours. If there is no water celery, you can use catfish alone, and the taste should be seasoned in an appropriate amount.

Efficacy: The soup can not only go to the cold belly, eliminate abdominal fat, but also have the effect of removing cold and weight loss in warmth.

If you want to eliminate the “beer belly”, you need to work together in multiple aspects:

1. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

Japanese medical experts have formulated a set of exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere, which has a good effect on eliminating “beer belly”. The first is to hold the elbow and stand side by side with both legs; the second is to take the elevator and walk upstairs; the third is the best thing to stand to complete, such as waiting for people, calling, reading newspapers, wearing shoes, socks, etc. Essence When standing, a tiptoe is tightened to make the body in a tense state. Experts also suggested that to reduce the fat on the stomach, it is best to strengthen the abdominal exercise when strengthening the whole body movement.

2. Three meals a day: should not be ignored breakfast and lunch

If you don’t eat lunch, you are likely to return home hungry and eat on the dinner table. Eat less snacks: only carry low -fat, low -energy snacks or snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, biscuits, etc.

3. Put bottle water on the desk

Drink water often within a day. When you want to eat sweet things, drink a glass of water, and the desire to eat sweets will disappear immediately. Don’t let mental stress promote more: when you have mental stress, don’t pick up food, but go out for a walk. Physical activity is more conducive to relieve mental stress than eating.

4. Don’t eat alone alone

Eat with colleagues and friends. Put your attention on your companion’s conversation instead of food. Do not eat buffet: buffets often cause a lot.

5. Don’t eat outside

Restaurant meals often contain more energy and fat than home. Pay attention to restaurants that provide low -fat meals near your unit. Do not go to fast food chain, because there are few low -fat foods available to choose from.

6. Pay attention to the amount of alcohol

Alcohol has high energy, which can prevent body fat consumption and reduce willpower. If you want to drink some wine, it is best to mix with soda. Drink plenty of water and low energy drinks.

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