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Fan Daiming, Chairman of the Chinese Cancer Conference: Knowledge of the science popularization of tumor prevention is the “immunity” of the human body

Tumor treatment has developed to the present. How should Chinese tumor treatments be tailored? Why can’t science and anti -cancer from science do not open science?



From November 17th to 20th, the 2022 China Oncology Conference (CCO) will be held in Hangzhou. As the first appearance of this conference, the 2022 Oncology Faculty Conference will conduct in -depth discussions on a series of hot spot issues related to tumor prevention and control.

On the occasion of the conference, Fan Daiming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the chairman of the China Anti -Cancer Association, and the chairman of the Chinese Cancerology Conference, said in an interview with the media that only multi -dimensional integration of all parties can be accurate and powerful. For ordinary people, the knowledge of oncology science is the “immunity” of the human body.

Do five major events in five years

Doctors and experts form a strong joint force

“In this land in China, about 8,000 people died of cancer every day. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to promote the construction of healthy China. In my opinion, the strategic high point of health China must overcome cancer.” The head of the Cancer Association, Fan Daiming, knew the desires of the people, and felt the hard work of the clinician experts from the clinic doctor for nearly a century.

At the end of the investigation, the cause of the tumor is to find ways to find tumor warning or early diagnosis technology, and constantly reflect on summing up tumor treatment. The exploration of tumors has never stopped. How to organically combine these three to promote the development of China’s tumor prevention and control? Fan Daiming said that since 2017, the China Anti -Cancer Association has done five major events:

First, Jianjun Army, the China Anti -Cancer Association has exceeded 400,000 from the original 50,000 members. The professional committee has increased from 48 to 103. A strong joint force in the field of tumor prevention and treatment;

Second, the conference holds the Chinese Oncology Conference once a year, with a maximum of 32,000 offline.

Third, I wrote a big book. In the past 40 years, there has been no comprehensive oncology work in the system. The Association organized more than 700 experts to write “Integrated Oncology”, a total of 6.72 million words, 6 volumes, weighing 32 pounds. China is also the world’s largest integrated oncology monograph;

Fourth, the number of people in China accounts for 1/4 of the number of tumors in China. For a long time, China has copied the specifications of foreign guidelines for treatment for a long time. This is also the purpose of our writing “Guidelines for Integrated Tumor Integration and Treatment (CACA)”;

Fifth, we will co -organize a major issue. We and foreign publishers Spring Nature co -organized “Holistic Integrative Oncology” (“Integrated Oncology”) to promote the fine tract of Chinese tumor treatment and attract the experience of accurate diagnosis and treatment around the world. Serve the Chinese.

Open the heavy “Guidelines for the Integrated Tumor Integration and Treatment of China”, 53 tumors, each tumor species explains the uniqueness of various types of tumor treatment from the five dimensions of anti -screening diagnosis and treatment. During the interview, Fan Daiming revealed for the first time that the second part of the “Chinese Tumor Integration and Treatment Guide” will also be completed at the end of this month. How far, how powerful, and so on. The main line through the main line is evaluation, support, control, protection, and life. “

“‘Evaluation’ refers to the assessment status. For example, 50%of Chinese tumor patients in the past were anemia, and 70%were in malnutrition. Later recovery; ‘help’ refers to what is missing and lack of nutrition ischemia, then add to make the body in normal state, and then consider subsequent treatment; Different anti -cancer, the tumor has grown by the human body. In the past, it emphasized the killing of cancer, but it may hurt the enemy for one thousand and damage 800; ‘protecting’ refers to the guard of the body’s organs. Many tumor treatment is systemic. Avoid damage to other organs due to tumor treatment; ‘living’ refers to survival, we must change the judgment of tumor reduction and tumor resection such as tumor reduction, tumor resection, etc. In my opinion, there are two main indicators. Is it long? Is the quality of the second survival high? This is ‘twins’. A good doctor cannot just consider the patient’s tumor and not cut, but let the patient live and live well. “

Tumor prevention and control, winning in integration

Only multidisciplinary integrated diagnosis and treatment can achieve optimization of treatment

The innovation of modern science has not been able to complete alone, as well as tumor treatment. The theme of the 2022 China Oncology Conference is “Tumor Prevention, Winning in integration”, and the word “integration” also reflects this essence.

What is integration?

Fan Daiming takes rectal cancer surgery as an example: The most afraid of rectal cancer patients cannot keep the anus, but the anus must be kept, the tumor may not be cut off, and it must be saved. Then change to a kind of thinking -first do radiotherapy, reduce the tumor, and then surgery. Some patients do not even need to perform surgery. This is integration.

“Integration is not a simple factor superposition, but a multi -oriented and multi -dimensional integration. It is a resource integration, a talent integration, and the integration of ideas. Just as everyone knows ‘knowledge is power’, but only integrate knowledge together is the power. Instead of knowledge, the knowledge of knowledge may hinder the development of or misleading forces, which more reflects the necessity of integration. We realize the integrated medicine and cannot rely on doctors and experts to fight alone. The most effective practical experience is organically integrated, and it is corrected and adjusted according to factors such as society, environment, and psychology, and finally forms a new medical knowledge system that is beneficial to health care and disease prevention. “In Fan Daiming, Chinese cancer patients are 5 years. The key to how to survive on the basis of 40%is the key to integration. “Traditional medicine has developed to this day, and there are many ways to treat tumor treatment. Compared with European and American doctors, Chinese doctors are subject to a single medical skills. Whether it is surgery or chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or targeted therapy, it is not even more than foreign doctors. Advantages. But there are different patients with tumor. There are no two exactly the same patients in the world. Different specialists have mastered their own skills. Since the last century, the implementation of MDT (multi -disciplinary team treatment) in China has been implemented, but the consultation will be completed. Suggestions first, who’s suggestion, then use, who uses more, who uses less, this cannot be decided. Using one method to solve it, it is easy So we need to find a fit point from it. Multi -disciplinary integrated diagnosis and treatment, find the treatment method of personalized “body tailoring” to achieve the best treatment for treatment, is the best result for this patient. “

Fan Daiming said that the reason why Zhejiang Cancer Hospital can stand out from many candidates across the country and become the organizer of this year’s CCO because of well integration. Tumor prevention and control work three -level coverage, especially tumor screening work such as colorectal cancer and lung cancer. At the same time, common prosperity and digital reforms are two golden business cards in Zhejiang. They have such a foundation and strength. This year’s CCO conference is very good It is worth looking forward to. “

Popular science knowledge is also a powerful “immunity” of the human body

Sending media in -depth participation in the science popularization of tumor prevention and control

Let people no longer talk about cancer color changes, let the public deepen the awareness of cancer, and treat cancer with a scientific and rational attitude. This is also the reason for the CCO conference as an important part of the CCO conference.

Fan Daiming said: “As soon as people talk about cancer, they think they are terminally ill. In fact, each of us has cancer cells in the body, and whether it will become another thing. “,”

“If you don’t want to get cancer, rely on yourself, one -third of cancer, can prevent and avoid it by changing the bad lifestyle. If you don’t want to get cancer early, you must rely on yourself. It was found that it was cured; if the cancer did not want to leave early, it also depends on yourself. One -third of the cancer can be treated with reasonable treatment, which can not only extend the time of survival, but also improve the quality of life. “

So, what is anti -cancer strategy? Fan Daiming concluded: “Try to be as little as possible, check as soon as possible, and try to go as soon as possible.”

“In the process of anti -cancer and anti -cancer, both need to spread science knowledge and share academic conferences, and it is inseparable from the participation of experts and media. There is also a very important point. Popular science knowledge is also a powerful ‘immunity’, the thought is clear, and the next thing is easy. Compared with the past, the health awareness of ordinary people has improved a lot, but it is still not enough. “

He told reporters with emotion: “Oncology is developing, and oncology science must be developed. The five core elements of tumor prevention and treatment -anti -screen diagnosis and treatment. Oncology science must be involved. Simply and popularly expressed, this is not an easy task, and it is far away. “

What makes Fan Daiming feel relieved is that there are more and more positions for propaganda and positions for anti -cancer and cancer. For example, the platforms of the Anti -Cancer Association have a variety of platforms. Books, images, new media, etc. Through live science science popularization, popular science knowledge has been presented in all directions, and greater publicity results have been released. This is the role of joint efforts. He also specifically mentioned the country’s first tumor prevention science science digital museum, and strives to achieve digital innovation applications with full -time online, full cancer coverage, all crowd participation, and full life cycle care goals. In so many areas, the characteristics of tumors in different regions are different. All places can make their own oncology science museums according to local conditions, and form a cluster of oncology science permits across the country. They continue to sublimate and continue to work hard.

Big coffee rumor

Rumor 1: Since there is cancer, there is no need to prevent it

Fan Daiming: Everyone has cancer cells, but not everyone has cancer. We prevent cancer. The first “prevention” is less cancer. The second “prevention” is that those who have already received cancer must prevent metastasis, prevent advanced development, and prevent cancer from affecting other organs. “Defense” also includes changes in lifestyle. For example, some people have received left half colon cancer. Even if the tumor is removed, a large number of fried foods are still eating a large amount. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent cancer. Cancer is a reminder of your body, pay attention.

Rumor 2: Health medical examination can replace cancer screening Fan Daiming: Health Sports and Cancer Screening. The two cannot be equal, but they have a mutually promoting relationship. The health check -up project covers the whole body, which has both conventional disease examinations, but also takes into account tumor examinations. Cancer screening is targeted. For some high -risk people, health examinations cannot replace cancer screening. For example, the high -risk group of gastric cancer should be added with gastroscopy after the age of 45.

Rumor 3: Find the tumor as soon as possible, everything is enough

Fan Daiming: This must be wrong. After the tumor diagnosis, it is divided into different periods. For the early days, there will be good prognosis after cutting, but for patients with advanced tumors, everything must not be done. Because tumor treatment must continue, to prevent recurrence and metastasis, we must continue to visit. Many tumors may not be cut so early. For example, thyroid cancer, there are many types of high -divide -like thyroid cancer, filtering thyroid carcinoma, etc., which have slowly developed and may not change for one or two decades. Why cut it out so early. Everything, the thyroid function is also destroyed, which may cause other problems, so do not blindly pursue a knife cut.

Rumor 4: Treatment is not cancer, but cancer is not cured well

Fan Daiming: This statement is too one -sided and pessimistic. Early tumors such as lung cancer, with more than 90%of the early five -year survival rate. Even advanced tumors have long -term survival after treatment, and there are 10 or 20 years of survival. Our Anti -Cancer Association publishes a book called “Every Birth” every year, which means that we have a long -term experience and experience for patients with advanced tumors.

Rumor 5: Cancer treatment is okay for five years, it’s okay

Fan Daiming: We take five years as a stage and an indicator, which means that medicine believes that it has been known for five years and is called clinical cure. From a clinical perspective, this is cured from the inspection indicators, but it does not say that the tumor does not recur. Some tumors should quit smoking and alcohol. If you spend five years, you will continue to have lifestyle such as smoking and drinking. Cancer will come, and there must be no cancer here. Five years should be happy, but five years have been okay.

(Text/Figure: 2022 Organizer of China Oncology Conference)

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