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Fantnea will be tube!The use of analgesic drugs is cautious, and “representatives” from all walks of life will learn about it!

On April 1, the Ministry of Public Security, the National Health and Health Commission, and the three departments of the State Drug Administration jointly issued an announcement, announcing that starting from May 1st, the Fentnite substances were included in the “non -medicinal anesthesia drugs and psychotic drug controls Catalog of Variety “.

As for why Fentni managed the entire class, Liu Yuejin, deputy director of the National Anti -Drug Commission and anti -terrorism commissioner of the Ministry of Public Security, said that this type of material has strong toxicity, many varieties, fast variability, difficult to investigate, and strict control to prevent criminals from using similar similarity New varieties of chemical structure have escaped legal sanctions.

Fentany is “what is sacred”?

Fennei is also an opioid agonist. It is a strong short -acting anesthesia analgesic drug. Since the invention in 1960, it was the favorite of anesthesiars during surgery. It has a good analgesic effect, but like many opioid analgesic drugs, it has excitement and illusion, and has certain addiction.

Therefore, Fentny is unavoidable to be seen by the drug industry. This is why Findti will be tube.

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