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“Fast Gunners” have 4 standards!Want to slow down

Sexual blessing is an indispensable condition for many modern couples. If men dare not admit that they are “fast gunmen”, they can escape, and unmarried young people may breed inferiority. Married men may be increasingly uncomfortable because of their husband and wife life and their feelings break.

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Self -test: Who is the fast gunman

1. Time: The time from the penis to the vagina to ejaculation, it is generally believed that it is premature ejaculation than 2 minutes, but the “strict” person believes that it should be shorter than 30 seconds.

2. The number of twitches: The number of twitches in the vagina is less than 10 to 30 times as premature ejaculation.

3. Reaction of sexual partners: In sexual activities, if there are more than half of the sexual life opportunities, the woman cannot reach the orgasm can also be called premature ejaculation.

4. The ability to control ejaculation reflection: If you cannot control ejaculation at all, it is premature ejaculation.

How to slow down the “fast gunman”

The premature ejaculation man wants to get rid of the fate of the “fast gunman”. First of all, he must regulate his mentality. Researchers at the Meio Clinic pointed out that stress is one of the main psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction.

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Second, eat less meat. Night Road Medical Magazine once issued a post saying that vegetarian food can make men’s combat effectiveness more lasting. In addition, obesity has been proven to affect men’s sexual ability.

In addition, drink less. Studies have found that sexual dysfunction is common among men who depend on alcohol. And drinking and hurting the liver, and it may cause 13 kinds of cancers, it is not a good habit.

Finally, insist on doing Kigel’s fitness muscle exercise. This simple and effective anal lifting training can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and make you more “hard” and “slow”. Two groups of Kigel training every day, 45 times in each group, insisting that the erectile hardness and ejaculation control of male friends can be significantly improved, and women’s postpartum urinary incontinence can also be relieved.

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