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Fat kids beware of precociousness!During the epidemic, is your child fat?

During the new crown epidemic, people’s outbound activities were reduced. The entertainment projects at home, in addition to playing mobile phones and watching TV, are eating. After a epidemic, many people became fat, including children. It is understood that there are more fat children in the outpatient clinic. Some experts speculate that this is related to the child’s house at home for a long time, eating more food and a small amount of activity.

Since the 1990s, the social and economy of my country has undergone worldwide changes, and the improvement of living standards has led to increasing incidence of obesity in children. Children’s obesity is more harmful to children’s body. It will not only increase the prevalence of children with hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver and other diseases, but also affects children’s sexual development, leading to precocious puberty! Today, obesity has become an important factor that affects children’s health!


Fat kids beware of precociousness

Why does obesity lead to precocious precociousness? This is mainly because obesity can increase fat cells in the human body, fat cells contain hormones, and children are easily developed into precocious puberty in a large amount of hormone exposure. The harm of precocious puberty to children will not only inhibit the height of the child, delay the child’s long man, but also affect the child’s mental health. In addition, the opportunity to suffer from cervical and breast cancer will be better than ordinary. High people.

To determine whether the child is sexual precocious, you can observe the child’s physical development. If the girl develops before the age of 8 years old, the testicular of the boy will increase before the age of 9, and it can be considered as precocious puberty.

How to prevent child obesity and precocious puberty?

1. Keep exercise every day

With the development of society, the competition of children is becoming increasingly fierce. The heavy academic tasks have led them to lack opportunities for outdoor sports, and they consume less and less calories. The key to preventing children’s obesity is to “move” and insist on participating in physical exercise every day. You can choose long -distance running, rope skipping, and kicking ball.

2. Pay attention to diet conditioning

Many children are eaten by precocious puberty, such as the meat of injection hormones, fried garbage foods, etc. It is recommended to improve diet and avoid excessive intake of chocolate, fried food, fat, candy, drinks and other foods. Diet should pay attention to nutritional balance. Good food.

3. Far away from sexual precocious elements

It is best not to let children come into touch in life, such as beautiful skin care products, detergents, etc. used by adults. In addition, do not let children see cultural products about sex too early, otherwise these contents will stimulate children’s brain nerves, causing hypothalamic pituitary gland axes to be started in advance.

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