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FDA approves dual -targeted type 2 diabetic drug Mounjaro, which can help non -diabetic patients lose 22.5%!

FDA recently approved Eli Lilly’s double GIP and GLP-1 receptor agonist Mounjaro (TirzePatide) once a week to improve the blood sugar control of patients with type 2 diabetes. FDA diabetes, lipid disorders and obesity drug evaluation and research center deputy director Patrick Archdeacon said: “In view of the challenges of many patients encountered in the target blood glucose goals, this approval is an important progress of type 2 diabetes.”

Three different doses of treatment were evaluated in the phase Surpass plan, and more than 20,000 patients with type 2 diabetes involved in 10 clinical trials, five of which were global registration. Surpass-1 compares MOUNJARO with placebo, and Surpass-2 compares it with Novo and Nord’s GLP-1 agonist Ozempic (SEMAGLUTIDE).

On average, patients who randomly accepted Mounjaro 15mg (the maximum recommended dose) successfully reduced their HBA1C level by 1.6%when used alone, and when used with long -acting drugs, it was 1.5%lower than the placebo. In a comparison test to compare MOUNJARO with other diabetic drugs, the FDA pointed out that the HBA1C of patients with the maximum recommended dose of MOUNJARO is 0.5%compared to Ozempic, and Bono and Nord’s Tresiba (Tokarta Cantimon) decreased by 0.9%, which is higher than Guanjing. Insulin is reduced by 1%.

Mounjaro is also evaluated in six clinical trials to treat the effect of obesity. Eli Lilly recently reported the results of the SURMOUNT-1 research, showing that the drug helps patients with type 2 diabetes alleviated by up to 22.5%. The results of the research of Surmount-2, Surmount-3 and Surmount-4 will be announced in 2023.

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Eli Lilly has not yet submitted MOUNJARO for the treatment of obesity. Analysts currently estimate that by 2026, Mounjaro’s sales may reach $ 4.7 billion. At the same time, Nuo and Nord’s OZEMPIC was initially approved to treat diabetes in the United States in 2017. Last year, it was approved for chronic weight management with the wegovy brand name.

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