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Fear of cold anemia menstrual constitutional recipes

Every time the menstrual period, many women often feel cold, abdominal pain, dizziness, swelling of hands and feet, etc. This is the signs of women’s poor constitution. In response to their own physical characteristics, adhere to the scientific and reasonable life and eating habits, can they be easier to spend the menstruation during menstruation. Let’s follow the editor to see the secret recipes of different menstrual constitution.

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Type 1: Afraid of cold type

As soon as the physiological period, the abdomen feels cold. The menstrual pain is severe, and the cold will be more serious, but the warmth will feel more comfortable. The physiological period is usually late, and the menstrual period often lasts for more than seven days. The menstrual blood color is dark red, and the blood clips flow out like pork liver -like blood clots. Especially afraid of cold, and the probability of complicated symptoms is very high.

Improve the secret recipe:

To keep warm, especially the lower body, you can wear thick underwear or thick socks. As for below the waist, do not wear skirts and change trousers, because if the lower body is cold, the menstrual pain will be more serious. It is recommended to eat chili or red green onions. If you feel cold during the physiological period, you can try to abandon the warm bag and apply it under the navel, the hip section, or the soles of the foot. You can usually take a bath or soak your feet to drive the cold. It is recommended to drink ginger tea and cinnamon tea, or the dry ginger and cinnamon of Chinese medicine.

Type 2: Poor blood circulation type

Performance: Before the physiological period, the stomach will be swollen, the lower abdomen is protruding, and constipation will be constipated as soon as it is in the physiological period. The color of the menstrual blood is dull red, which feels sticky, and sometimes it flows out of the liver color of pork liver. The amount of menstrual blood is large, and the first day is relatively small, but the first and third day suddenly becomes more. The physiological period will reach more than seven days.

Because the blood circulation is not good, the menstrual pain will be so painful that they can’t bear it. Sometimes they can’t get up and walk, and they can only rely on painkillers completely. If this is the case every time, there may be endometrial disease or uterine muscle tumor.

Improve the secret recipe:

Performance: People with poor blood circulation should move more of the body. If they are tired, they will stretch their bodies or walk back and forth. Be careful not to receive cold, don’t eat cold food, eat more warm food. It is best not to use sanitary wares, which will only make the blood circulation worse, the best use of sanitary cotton, and to change the sanitary cotton diligently.

It is best to eat black, red, and purple. Lettuce is cold, and vegetables are best heated. Avoid sitting for a long time, walk more, so that the blood circulation of the bone plate is better. You can drink ginger tea, or rose, safflower, hawthorn seeds of Chinese medicine.

Type 3: anemia type

Performance: It is easy to dizzy. When you stand up, you will take Venus. The skin feels thick and dry. Although the physiological pain is not enough to stand it, it will feel uncomfortable in the abdomen, and there will be symptoms of back pain and various discomfort, and this symptom may last for a long time.

The color of the menstrual blood is pink or light red. The menstrual blood is as sparse as water. The menstrual period is short. It is about three to four days, or it was five to seven days before, but the period is getting shorter and shorter. Menstruation is very late, and it is often dragged to more than forty days. In the days when the physiological period is about to end, it will be particularly fatigue and weak. Even if the physiological period is over, I still feel weak.

Improve the secret recipe:

Do not use your eyes or brain excessive, sleep sufficient sleep, daily diet and life should pay attention to nourishing blood. Sleep before 12 o’clock every night, sleep for eight hours, and do not depend on bed the next day. If you can’t sleep, you can drink a cup of hot milk. You can eat animal liver or dark food. It takes ten minutes to work for one hour. In the evening, the reaction will become slow. It is best to do it before three o’clock. Do not soak hot water or soak for too long. Drink jujube tea or wolfberry tea, Chinese medicine can be tried as angelica and longan.

Type 4: weak type

Performance: As soon as you reach the physiological period, your feet will be swollen, so that you ca n’t even wear shoes. It is not abnormal bleeding during the physiological period, it is easy to fatigue, and back pain, less appetite, easy to catch a cold or diarrhea. There will be almost no menstrual pain, but if the blood circulation is adequate, the menstrual pain will be very serious.

The menstrual blood is light red, sometimes more and less, and there are polarization, and sometimes a large amount of pink meridian blood flows out. The menstrual period is usually four to five days, and the cycle will become shorter and shorter. If it is concurrent anemia, menstruation will be late. This is the same as anemia. The pain is not serious, but it usually feels insufficient energy. It is easy to get tired and have no physical strength. Poor metabolism, serious edema, especially the lower body is obese.

Improve the secret recipe:

Three meals must not be less, and eat more digestive and nutritious foods, such as pork valley and beans. Breakfast must be eaten because the stomach is not good, and you must chew slowly when eating. In order to have enough physical strength, you must sleep for eight hours and usually sleep for eight hours, but the physiological period is best to sleep more than one to two hours. The weak person is not suitable for intense exercise. If you want to exercise, it is best to take a walk after dinner. It is recommended to drink Eucommia tea and Korean tea. Chinese medicine can test lotus seeds and scutellaria baicalensis.

Type 5: Excess pressure type

Performance: As soon as the physiological period, there will be mental irritation, emotional is very anxious, and it is easy to lose temper. Two phenomena of greedy and anorexia are repeating. Always farting or hiccups, will grow acne, either constipation or diarrhea. The symptoms of menstrual pain each month will change with the physical condition at that time. Before the menstrual period, it will bloating or abdominal pain, but these symptoms will disappear when menstruation. Blood is a normal red, which is normal four to five days. Sometimes early, sometimes late. Improve the secret recipe:

You usually need to learn to control emotions. You can use aromatherapy to relax and use breathing method to calm the spirit. The daily life schedule should be normal. Eat more oranges or drink tea. You can put some green plants in the normal room and arrange a comfortable environment. After getting up, you can do some simple stretching exercises. If you have time, you can go for a walk and stretch your mouth in the park. It is recommended to drink jasmine tea and mint tea, and Chinese medicine can test mint and tension.


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