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Feed cod liver oil during the newborn period

The disease is a common chronic malnutrition disease in infants and young children. It is due to the insufficient vitamin D in the body and the abnormal calcium and phosphorus metabolic metabolism, which makes the calcium salt in the body not be calm on the growth of the bones. Deforms appear.

At the same time, it also affects the functions of the nervous system, muscle system, hematopoietic system, and immune system. Although the disease is rarely died directly, it is easy to be ignored due to the slow disease. Once obvious symptoms occur, the body’s resistance has fallen significantly, and it is easy to get pneumonia and diarrhea. After obtaining the illness, the diseased course, severe condition, and high mortality. Therefore, the disease is harmful to the physical and mental health of children.

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Vitamin D in the body is mainly formed by the action of sun exposure. Due to the ultraviolet rays in the sun, 7-dehydrogenidal cholesterol in the skin can be turned into biliary glycol (vitamin D3). Secondly, food also contains a small amount of vitamin D, especially in concentrated cod liver oil. There are diseased diseases around the world, and temperate is more common. my country is located in temperate, and the incidence of pheasant diseases is very high, especially in babies under L age.

For pregnant women who are pregnant in winter and spring, if there is no vitamin D and calcium in the third trimester, newborn is very prone to congenital diseases. The newborn period is rarely exposed to the sun, and there are very few vitamin D in human milk and milk, which cannot meet the daily needs, which leads to the worsening disease and affect growth and development. In order to prevent small babies from suffering from ravioli, cod liver oil must be taken half a month when the newborn is born.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)

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