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Feeding baby: war of milk powder and breast milk

The competition for milk powder and breast milk (the baby is 5 months old)

Life clip: After discovering that my breast milk cannot meet the needs of the baby, we start to add milk to the baby and mix feeding. Now that the child is unwilling to drink milk, he may feel a little odor. Every time I feed her milk, she uses a small mouth and tongue to push the bottle mouth, and then I can’t help holding my head under my armpit. Maybe I still feel breast milk. It’s delicious, not thick nor thin, not salty nor light, not fast nor slow, it comes evenly and naturally. If she was hungry and I was late, she couldn’t wait to grab my clothes with her hands and open her mouth to find her nipples. I lament that the child’s demand for food is the most instinctual needs of people. Her anxious performance can reflect the importance of this first demand!

But my milk is not enough to drink, and I need to increase nutrition to my child. Milk powder is undoubtedly a good dairy product. At first we didn’t know what brand was good. Everyone said that we should eat a better one. Began to buy a bucket of Nestlé, and later I bought Abbott. The child’s father said that the expensive nutritional element should be more comprehensive. The aunt said that there is no need to eat too expensive. A bucket of milk powder is only enough for children to drink for a week, which is equivalent to the price of more than 100 pounds of rice. Essence After listening to the suggestions of many colleagues and friends, I also think that the more expensive milk powder may be more comprehensive. In the end of the family, whether the milk powder is expensive or cheap, the controversy of importing domestic or imported, and in the end, the child’s opinion is dominated.

Mother’s heart language: Of course, breast milk is good, but when the breast milk is not enough, when the mother or baby is sick, or when the mother goes out to separate from the baby, it is necessary to choose mixed feeding or manual feeding. Mom should pay attention: A. Milk powder should not be stored in the refrigerator after opening it to avoid blocks; B and canned milk powder must be covered with plastic cover C and milk powder. It is also possible to make a block during the use date. It is recommended to abandon if it is fast and hard.

Expert commented: Note: Moms with the following diseases should not breastfeed your baby:

A. Mom has severe heart disease, chronic nephritis, diabetes;

B. Moms have hepatitis and tuberculosis.

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C. Psychiatric and epilepsy, hyperthyroidism;

D. Mom takes contraceptives or injection chains.

(Editor in charge: Zhao Yuanyuan Intern editor: Li Lingfeng)

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