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Feel the red and white taste of the hive

As soon as you enter the store, it is ambiguous red, red walls, and red chairs; entering the hall is a pure white, white pillars, white bowls, white pots, and even white flowers.

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The first time I went to the honeycomb, I just passed by, but was attracted by their red and white color world, and I unconsciously ordered the dining table that night.I always feel that the taste of restaurants with a sense of design is mostly average, but the “honeycomb” food is pretty good.This “honeycomb implies Chinese food” is mainly Cantonese and Huaiyang cuisine, supplemented by Hunan cuisine.Their Cordyceps stewed chicken soup is installed in a transparent teapot, with two transparent small tea cups. The teapot can also be warm on the candlelight, and the soup is sweet.

Our favorite is fried peanut seedlings. For the first time, we can really taste the taste of peanuts, and the taste is crisp. After that, we come three times and we must order peanut seedlings each time.Their dessert “Birds returns to the nest” is the noodle of the bean paste filling.

The designers of the Beijing Bird’s Nest are Swiss Herzig and Demon, and Shenzhen’s “Honeycomb” also invited the famous Japanese Sako Architects. It is said that even more than 6 million were designed with decoration.

The main body of the restaurant is 6 “nests”, which are divided into two floors, forming 12 VIP rooms, and two floors are connected through both sides and two rotating stairs; then the lobby is separated from the nest, and the other side of the hall is high.The high floor -to -ceiling glass; the middle of the nest and entrance, two spaces on both sides are separated from the sides, and the wave -shaped acrylic organic glass is partitioned. The doors on both sides are set on the side of the hall.

There is a honeycomb naturally, which is the ubiquitous hole in the restaurant.It is said that the designer opened nearly 1,000 oval holes throughout the space, and the back of the red sofa chairs at the other outside the door also opened the holes.People eat and chat in their respective holes, and the cave has become the best separation and connection between each table, especially children, climbing in between the caves, and some people simply sit on the high hole.

(Intern editor: Zhu Yanmei)

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