Female Breast Sports Memorandum

Breast cancer has always been called female killer. How can I find breast cancer early? Huang Mei said that if there are patients with breast cancer in direct relatives, or the history of breast benign tumor diseases such as breast fibroma, or diseases such as thyroid diseases such as thyroid diseases, etc. crowd.

The best time: The best time to check the breast is generally about 7-10 days after the end of menstruation, because the effect of estrogen at this time has a small impact on the breast, the breast is in a relatively physiological stable period, and the mammary lesions or abnormalities are more likely to be easily subject to being being prone to be easily being being easily being led. Find. After menopause, women can freely choose the time for breast examination.

Dressing: clothing that is convenient for doctors to check, avoid dressing or jackets.

Married women are best for half a year to do women’s examinations

In addition to the most familiar cervical cancer in the gynecological reproductive system, there are also uterine tumors, ovarian tumors, and fallopian tubes. The health of the female reproductive system is also necessary for regular medical examinations.

Women who have no sexual life do not need to do gynecological examinations? Zeng Cheng explained that there are also abnormal mass in the pelvic cavity without sexual life. The symptoms will be manifested as menstrual abnormalities, or abdominal pain will be unbearable. Our gynecological examination does not damage the hymen.

For women with sexual life, it is best to do gynecological examinations once in half a year. The doctor will supplement the gynecological B -ultrasound according to the gynecological examination, and TCT or LCT examination (it is the abbreviation of cervical liquid -based thin layer cell test, but it is only for the material to take materials The processing solution is different, and the price is equal). Come to screen cervical cancer early. The accuracy of the TCT or LCT examination is very high. In contrast, cervical coating, which is what we often call “Pakistan paint” because of the low accuracy of the test, has been basically eliminated clinically. Will choose.

For married and educated women, doctors may also issue HPV examinations in addition to the above inspections. HPV is the abbreviation of human papilloma virus. HPV examination mainly depends on whether it is carried with HPV. Generally speaking, HPV is closely related to the occurrence of cervical cancer. Women after childbirth, especially women with vaginal delivery, have trauma in fertility in the cervix. If they are not fully recovered, they are more likely to suffer virus invasion, chronic infection, and the function of the cervix also declined, so it is necessary to increase examination.

For menopausal women, Zeng Cheng suggested that he still insists on gynecological examinations for half a year. Based on gynecological examinations, doctors will open B -ultrasound, TCT or LCT, and some tumor markers related to gynecological tumors, such as methyl protein, such as fetal protein (AFP), carcinoma antigen (CEA), CA125, etc.

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For women who have menopause, if vaginal bleeding or ducts occur, this is not a pleasing “second spring”. On the contrary, it may be a bad sign, and you should seek medical treatment immediately. If there is no such situation, you must also insist on performing a maternal examination once a year. The doctor will issue a diagnostic curettage+pathological biopsy and other examination items based on the results of the women’s examination.

Finally, Zeng Cheng reminded that women must have a protective sex life. Female friends who are not ready to have childbirth in the near future remember to take contraceptive measures. If there are bleeding in the same room, you should seek medical treatment immediately. Do not deliberately wait until the annual medical examination time to check to prevent leakage.

(Editor in charge: Bu Ruiying)

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