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Female college students are infected with AIDS by black boyfriends: with life with life, one at a time is enough to destroy you

At the 24th International AIDS Conference this year, the fourth case of AIDS patients recovered. Carefully analyzed these four cured AIDS patients that they could find that they were dual patients with AIDS and leukemia, and they all performed stem cell transplantation containing CCR5Δ32 mutant genes.

Does that mean that the spring of AIDS is here? In fact, this conclusion is a bit too early. After all, only 4 cases are cured at present, and the samples are too small, and the cure time of these patients is not long. It takes time to test whether it really cures.

AIDS has been discovered for 41 years, and it is still difficult to deal with it.

1. Don’t get your life to have a relationship

The first female college student who disclosed her illness was chocolate.

On April 3, 2004, Zhu Lia received a call from the teacher, and his life was completely changed since then. “Do you know? He has been infected with AIDS and ill”

He is Julia’s boyfriend, Ma Lang, a medical student from Bahamas.

The two began to know in September 2002. Because chocolate is a foreign language major, Ma Lang is a black man and does not know Chinese. Zhu Lia often helped Ma Lang to communicate and took him to travel. Ma Lang helped Zhu Lia to learn English well. In the eyes of chocolate, he was happy and relaxed with Ma Lang. So in March 2003, the two fell in love.

On the day of Zhu Lia’s phone call from the teacher, Ma Lang was not reported other days. The picture of the two people was still in their minds the day before. In the morning, Ma Lang said that he would go to Beijing to work, and never appeared again.

Zhu Lia said that he didn’t hate him and loved him very much, but the only thing that could not be forgive was why he didn’t tell her the truth.

In fact, all this is not completely free. In November 2003, eight months after the two were together, Zhu Lia discovered that Ma Lang was ill and lung infection, and Zhu Lia thought that his boyfriend should be angry.

In early 2004, Julia himself also burned once, and there was no strength in her body. HIV virus rooted in her body, and she began to feel the darkness around her.

The school persuaded her to graduate in advance. Although she retained her student status, she never had the chance to sit in the classroom. Everything that happened, the contradictions in my heart could not say to friends and family …

The desperate chocolate, eventually chose to die, disclose her experience, and devote themselves to AIDS prevention and control. Zhu Lia said that in love, he must grasp himself. I hope that college students and sisters across the country must have a sober sex. Can be pleasant, but safety first.

Second, society is gradually developing, but destroying health is enough

According to the “Quality Survey of the Chinese Private Life” released in August 2022, the average age of the first-time behavior of the post-70s and post-80s people is between 22-24, and the average age of the post-95s is 19 years old. Pushing forward, and three -quarters of the post -95s had sex before the age of 20. It is enough to see that the sexual concept of young people has changed a lot.

“Research Progress of HIV/AIDS Popular Diseases” shows that as of the end of 2020, 1.053 million people in my country were infected with HIV and 351,000 people died. In my country, a new case of AIDS patients infected with AIDS in China.

Two groups have to attract attention: middle -aged and elderly people over 50 years old and young students have become high -risk groups of AIDS.

The 2022 “Liu Ye Dao” statement stated that the number of AIDS infections in the world 50 and above was 5.4 million in 2015. By 2020, it has increased to 8.1 million. The number of elderly AIDS patients is increasing.

AIDS is mainly transmitted through the three ways of spreading mothers and infants, sexual behaviors, and blood. The earliest was mainly caused by drug spread. By 2007, sexual behavior was 42.3%, blood transmission accounted for 29.2%, and the proportion of sexual dissemination of sexual behavior has been increasing. Today, 90%of AIDS patients worldwide are caused by sexual communication.

So how do you identify each other or you may be infected with HIV? These abnormalities on the skin may be a signal from HIV, which should be vigilant.

First, if you find a hard, moving lymph node mass in the neck, underarms, or groin, and more than three months, you must be vigilant.

Second, if the skin or oral cavity, if there is a bulging pink or purple -red spots, it is not painful or itchy.

Third, white membranes such as pharyngeal, throat, etc., or scales and itching in private parts.

In addition, the continuous fever, night sweats, difficulty recovery, chronic diarrhea for several weeks of unknown reasons may also be related to AIDS.

Third, although I am anti -Ai, but do not prevent love

Today, people talk about cancer color changes, and talk about Ai also changes in color. It is recommended that you do a good job of AIDS, and do not have some so -called prejudice for AIDS.

Misunderstanding 1: The mother is HIV -positive, and the child must also be

Although AIDS will spread through maternal and infant channels, if pregnant women can use measures such as medication, production intervention, and avoid breastfeeding measures to intervene, in fact, a healthy baby can also be given. Infect.

Misunderstanding 2: Infection HIV is because of injustice

Many people think that infection with AIDS is caused by confusion in private life. In fact, the doctor may accidentally contact the blood of the virus when arrested the prisoner when arrested the prisoner, or cause infection. Misunderstanding 3: AIDS is a dead end

my country’s medicine is constantly improving, and the research and exploration of AIDS have not stopped. As long as they actively cooperate with drug treatment and exercise appropriately, AIDS patients can also survive for more than ten or decades.

Misunderstanding 4: Life with AIDS patients will be infected

Although AIDS is very contagious, the general contacts in daily life do not cause HIV virus to be transmitted. Like sweat, feces, vomit, urine, tears, etc. As long as they do not contain blood, they generally do not have to worry about infection with AIDS.

To avoid being stared at by AIDS, you must avoid possible infectious behaviors without high -risk behavior.

In addition, taking pre -exposed drug prevention drugs can prevent HIV infection of more than 90%. After exposure, the success rate of blocking HIV infection is also more than 80%. It is recommended to take the best medicine within 2 hours after exposure. It should not exceed 72 Hour.

Today, the elderly and young students are the high incidence of AIDS. I hope that while pursuing happiness, don’t forget your health, and don’t show “unfortunate” like college students Zhu Lia.

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