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Female graduate students’ risks and mourning ectopic pregnancy are misdiagnosed and removed

It was an ectopic pregnancy, but was misdiagnosed as an operation for internal pregnancy.Female graduate student Wang Li (pseudonym) experienced a life -death calamity. After requesting compensation, Wang Li brought the hospital to court. On July 15th, the People’s Court of Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province opened a trial.

On March 12th, 13th, and 15th, 2007, Wang Li, a graduate student, had been checked in the New Century Women’s Hospital in Zhengzhou three times, and 15 examinations and 6 treatment were performed. Two of them were diagnosed with early pregnancy.Wang Li repeatedly asked to find out whether her ectopic pregnancy. Under her strong reminders, the hospital insisted on misdiagnosis and arranged for her painless abortion on March 16.But what made her unexpected was that on the fifth day after the operation, she felt unbearable abdominal pain, and then went to the hospital for examination.Results The color Doppler ultrasound showed that there were effusion in the pelvic cavity.Wang Li believes that this is actually the obvious symptoms of ectopic pregnancy.However, the attending doctor of the New Century Women’s Hospital insisted that this was only inflammation and prescribed her medicine for her blood circulation.However, on March 28, she had a hard time to go to the hospital for her abdomen pain again. After the hospital had been retracted for nearly 4 hours, she had not been diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy.As a result, she fascinated the fainting shock twice, almost killed, and was finally transferred to the Provincial People’s Hospital. She was diagnosed with bleeding of ectopic pregnancy and performed a left fallopian tubal resection.

Wang Li sued the Zhengzhou New Century Women’s Hospital to the court, asking the hospital to pay the hospital to pay her personal damage and various material damage compensation, mental damage soothing money, etc., and other 220,000 yuan, and the subsequent treatment cost of her fertility is 710,000 yuan.

At the court, the plaintiff Wang Li did not appear in court, but commissioned her mother as an agent.The legal agent and lawyer of the defendant’s New Century Women’s Hospital came to the trial site.

“My daughter was fainting at the time! And the identification was the eighth -level disability, has there been no damage consequences?” There was no fault for the hospital, and should not bear the responsibility. Wang Li’s mother was so excited that she could not control her emotions.”You can have diagnosed Wang Li as an ectopic pregnancy, but he has misdiagnosed and is afraid of being responsible. He deliberately delayed it, causing serious consequences!” Wang Li’s mother said angrily.

In addition, Wang Li’s mother also said that after her investigation, it was found that the new century women’s hospital only obtained the “family planning professional” medical qualification on May 29, 2008. This shows that Wang Li was at the hospital at the time.The hospital is not qualified to perform abortion surgery.

Faced with doubts, the defendant’s New Century Women’s Hospital argued that the qualifications of “family planning professionalism” are legal in law, not the administrative filing system, not the administrative license system.It does not indicate that the hospital was not qualified to have abortion surgery before.

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But Wang Li’s mother said she did not recognize.”Family planning is definitely a license system. We can check the law. These certificates only indicate that their majors are clinical and do not say that they are qualified to perform abortion surgery.”

Finally, the judge announced that the case would be sentenced to another period.

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