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Fitness is in your silent color

The work is quite busy, there are a lot of trivial life, and there are all kinds of entertainment … I am busy all day long, work pressure again, and sometimes I go out to visit the street and play with friends. I have time to arrange the system.Fitness plan?

“White -collar disease” prevails, young white -collar workers start to worry about their health, but they are helpless to live in life.I can’t wait to take it for two minutes for one minute, draw time to fitness.Then don’t waste the twenty minutes when you are on the way to get off work, wait for the car and the bus to take the bus, take good use of this time, and do some simple exercises to prevent diseases.

Pay attention to pose

Go to get off work every day, as long as you can walk, try to walk as much as possible.When walking, clamp your chest, close your abdomen, and hips. Do not bow your waist.

Walk to increase

If you want to lose weight by walking, you ca n’t just increase the stride properly, stride the meteor to move forward, to exercise your thigh muscles, and avoid the appearance of radish legs.

Heels first

Put your focus on your front feet, take a step out, and follow the order of the heel, toes, and toes.Walking like this, the heel will naturally mention it, and there will be a tight and well -proportioned leg curve.

Practice your arms

When going to get off work with a bag, it does not hinder others, and it shakes it as a “miniature sports equipment” before and after. This kind of action of throwing bags can exercise the arm muscles.However, it should be noted that if there is information on the packet, it is not shaken back and forth. Protecting the information is important, but avoiding shoulder joint injury is the focus, and it is not necessary to mistake the surrounding passers -by.

Don’t be idle when you wait for the car time

For a period of time when the cars and the signal lights, there is often nothing to do.Then you can use this period of time to practice abdomen.Focus on the abdomen and tighten them all. It feels as if the belly button is close to the back.Or twist your neck and stretch your whole body.

Small actions on the bus

When you have a seat, you can easily do exercise.The legs are 90 °, the heels are fixed, and the toes can be swinged up and down repeatedly. This action can exercise the muscles of the calf belly. The lady who desires beautiful calves can try it.

When I was sitting, I could exercise my abdominal muscles, lift my legs together to the height of about 5 cm from the ground, hang the legs, and try to keep this posture longer.

In the day of the bus

Don’t be upset if you don’t have a seat in the car.Because you can do a lot of small exercises.Grasp the ring on the car with your hands, sometimes holding tightly, relaxing, and doing it repeatedly. This is a good way to escape the “worship of meat”.

Hold your hands with your hands, open your feet slightly, and lean your body forward. At this time, you can feel tight abdominal muscles and exercise abdominal muscles.

If you don’t have the suspension on the car, you can hold the railings with your hands and tipto the heel. Standing with your toes like a ballet actor, you can put it down when you are tired. If you repeatedly practice, you can beautify the lines of the calf.

You can also hold the railing in your hands, while being slapped, and pressing the abdomen inwardly. This method can effectively tighten the abdominal muscles.

(Editor in charge: Chen Shaopeng Intern Editor: Li Ziyan)

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