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Five abnormalities appear together, you are likely to get pregnant!If you don’t believe it, you can try these four pregnancy test methods

Many people find that they are pregnant and often judge through menstruation. If they do not come a month, the possibility of pregnancy is greatly improved, and then go to the hospital for further examination and determination.But in fact, we can also know whether we are pregnant in advance through the situation of fertilized eggs.

What will happen to the body into the body?

Pregnancy is a phase of stages. After the sperm is excluded through sexual behavior, sperm first opened its own fertilization journey.After s sperm, the sperm enters the posterior dome of the vagina, and then the sperm will reach the uterine cavity in about 1 hour through the cervix. At this time, the sperm has not reached the destination.

Next, sperm needs to take another 1 to 2 hours. After walking about 18 cm, sperm can reach the belly of the tubal pot. If the eggs are waiting for it here, the sperm and egg will be combined, and finally a piece is formed.Fertilization eggs.

It sounds like you may feel that this process is not difficult, but do you know how many sperm are there in the semen of men?The answer is hundreds of millions.Do you know how many sperm will be successfully combined with the egg in the end?The answer is only one, and the remaining hundreds of millions of sperm died in women’s vagina.

Women’s vaginal acid secretion liquid is usually pH3.5 to 4. Under this acidity, most sperm died before entering the vagina.Come down.

Usually, two hours after the same room, 90%of sperm died.So the last sperm that can be combined with eggs must be very tenacious.

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The body has these 5 reactions, indicating that there is “good pregnancy”

After the fertilized eggs were formed, they began to move to the uterus while performing cell division, reaching the uterine cavity, and then going to bed. This process lasted about 8 days.

In the image of the bed, the fertilized eggs are combined with the body of the woman in the uterus, such as the root of a seed in the soil.Before the beginning of bed, because the fertilized eggs had no connection with the woman’s body, they could not feel pregnant at this time.

Once the fertilized eggs are successful, the nourishing layer of cells will produce a protein decomposition enzyme that dissolves the endometrium that is contacted, and the pregnant eggs are buried in the function layer of the endometrium.Many cells protruding, uniform fluffy, is called fluff.

The hormone it secreted is the fluffy membrane promoting gonadotropin (HCG).Without implantation, this hormone will not produce.If you succeed, a series of reactions will have a series of reactions.


This is the basic symptom of women after pregnancy, and the menstruation that should have come will no longer occur, indicating that pregnancy is successful.

Early pregnancy reaction:

This symptom will occur in about four weeks after conception, and folks are also called harm.Nausea, vomiting, greasy, spicy, symptoms generally last about 3 months.

Breast change:

Women who have successfully conceived their breasts, swelling, swelling, and becoming very soft. With the gradual adaptation of the body, the feeling of pain and swelling will slowly disappear.


With the success of conception, a large amount of lutein will be secreted in women’s body, which will make people feel exhausted. Women who are pregnant basically feel this symptom.

Frequent toilet:

With the increase of the uterus, the number of urine in women will increase.

I suspect that I am pregnant, how to confirm the diagnosis?

If you want to determine whether you are pregnant, you can conduct self -test or medical examination in the following way.

1. Pregnancy test stick or pregnancy test paper

Because the choric membrane promotes gonadotropin (HCG) is generated after the bed is successful, and it will enter the urine with the blood circulation, then use the pregnancy test stick or the pregnancy test paper to test the urine.) The content to determine whether to be pregnant.

Usually, the first urination in the morning is the highest, and the detection is relatively accurate.Generally, testing can be performed after two weeks of delay, and the result can be confirmed by positive. The accuracy of the detection can generally reach about 80%.

2. Pregnancy urine test

If you feel that self -test is not allowed, you can go to the hospital for a regular urine test. The principle is also the value of the tested gonadotropin (HCG). Generally, the urine test can be performed for a week delayed, and the accuracy rate is about 85%.

3. Blood testing

The content of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is higher in the blood. By checking the concentration of its content in the blood, you can know whether you are pregnant.The general blood test can be checked around 12 days after conception, and the result is positive.As a result, if it is not obvious, it can be re -inspected after a week, and the accuracy rate can reach 99%.

4.B Super

This can directly detect the situation in the uterus, which is more intuitive and accurate than the concentration detection of HCG.This can be found whether there is a pregnancy sac in the uterus, or whether there is a pregnancy ring in the uterus.Generally, after a week of menstruation, you can check whether you are pregnant through the B ultrasound.The accuracy can basically reach 100 %.

In addition to the above methods, women can also respond through some physical reactions of early pregnancy symptoms, from testing whether they are pregnant.However, in general, if you have done a sexual behavior in the body in the body, once the pregnancy is successful, the self -examination method such as the pregnancy inspection stick or the pregnancy test paper can be determined whether it is successful.Therefore, if women want to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, they should take measures from earlier stages.At this stage of pregnancy that is basically successful, women should pay more attention to a series of changes in the body and their own health.

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