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Five bad postures strike the figure curve

Women’s usual posture also affects their breasts.What posture hurts our breasts?

1. Humpback

Frequent humpback, long time, compressing the chest tissue, will affect the health of the chest.Therefore, we should keep our heads holding their chests.

2. Bend over

Due to the tight work rhythm, the waist is often involuntarily collapsed, which increases the burden on the lumbar spine, hinders blood circulation, and then affects the development of the pectoral muscles.So I often stand straight, standing on the wall for a few minutes, which will make your chest comfortable.

3. Hold the arm

Many women often embrace their hands on their chests to aggravate their chest burdens.It should be relaxed to put your hands on both sides of the legs, and often stretch your waist, which helps improve the chest shape.


During the feminine desk, if you ignore the health care of the breast, many people will have symptoms such as breast swelling and tingling, sour pectoral muscle tissue, and other incredible underarm discomfort.Therefore, it must be prevented in time.

5. Sleep

You should sleep as little as possible, and it is best to take the pose slightly to the right, otherwise the breasts will be severely compressed, so that the breasts sag and sunken.

(Editor in charge: Chen Shaopeng Intern Editor: Li Ziyan)

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