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Five diabetic patients must inject insulin

Not all patients with diabetes are suitable for insulin, but the following five patients with diabetes must be played. Which five diabetic patients have to play insulin? Let us listen to how authoritative experts introduce the relevant content, hoping to bring you some help.


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1. Long -term observations of patients with diabetic patients with long diabetic patients have found that most patients cannot control blood sugar by taking oral hypoglycemic drugs for 8 to 10 years. Control, the complications of diabetes caused by high blood sugar will occur. Therefore, from the perspective of reducing complications and extending patient life, insulin must also be used when the disease progresses to a certain stage.

2. Experts from patients with type 1 diabetes pointed out that type 1 of patients with type 1 diabetes secrete insulin β cells are completely destroyed and completely lost the function of secreting insulin. If the injection method is not supplemented with insulin in the body, patients with type 1 diabetes will appear in the body will appear in the body will appear in the body of patients with diabetic. Severe metabolic disorders (such as keto acid poisoning), and then developed to coma or death. For patients with type 1 diabetes, insulin is used to save lives, and then use it to cure diseases, that is, to control blood sugar by insulin to reduce chronic complications.

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