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Five elements of Chinese medicine plus five steps to lose weight new tricks

Below Sina Traditional Chinese Medicine, based on the five behaviors of traditional Chinese medicine, coupled with medicated nutritional philosophy and aromatic massage, to develop a good way to lose weight 2-3 kg for you to lose weight in 6 weeks!

What is the five elements?

The five elements of traditional Chinese medicine are gold, wood, water, fire, and soil. They are a cyclic mechanism for each other: wood affects liver, fire to the heart, the spleen of the earth, the golden tube lungs, and the water is the kidney. Human attributes are not completely single, maybe water partial soil, or wood partial fire.

Step 1: Consultation

Which one of the golden wood, water, fire and soil?

Since it is the five elements of Chinese medicine, of course, the first step is the hope, smell, questioning, and cut of Chinese medicine practitioners. After these four consultations, the physician can determine which one of your constitution is gold, wood, water, fire, and soil. And the obesity is classified, depending on whether it belongs to the shape of a medium -sized body, the deficiency of fat or the lower limb edema, and the right medicine is designed in order to design a suitable prescription.

Step 2: Acupuncture

Tune, thin part

After judging your physical fitness, you will be adjusted. The tone can be adjusted through acupuncture, that is, according to the physical fitness of the slimmer, to find acupoints that need to be strengthened and stimulated to adjust. In addition, local obese people can also strengthen local acupuncture and make local metabolism active.

Step 3: Medicine bath

Conduct metabolism and lose weight

According to different constitutions and body shape, different medicinal materials can be used to make medicine bath. Those who are Chinese -wide body type need to prevent windproof, nepeta, forsythia, ephedra, mountain masts, rhubarb and other medicinal materials. The fat type should be made of medicinal materials made of anti -self, astragalus, and atractylodes. For the pills made of aconite, Poria, and Baiji. The medicinal bath can promote metabolism and achieve the purpose of promoting weight loss over time.

Step 4: Massage

Relax the meridians

According to the physical attributes of the slimmer, choose the suitable essential oils that are suitable for gold, wood, water, fire, and soil. Because everyone is not exclusive to a certain attribute in general, a variety of essential oils may be used to massage. Massage massage is also very suitable for local weight loss.

The SPA museum uses essential oils to massage massage, but masseurs rarely master a certain degree of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge; there are professional TCM massagers in the Chinese Medicine Hospital, but they can hardly choose aromatic oils that make people smell very comfortable. Whether to choose a SPA physiotherapist or a Chinese medicine massage, choose according to your preferences!

Step 5: medicated diet

Thinly eat

Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning is not only Chinese medicine that can only eat tears. The method of combining Chinese medicinal materials and food is now also used in many pharmaceutical restaurants, which is very popular. It should be emphasized that these medicated diet should be consistent with the physical attributes in order to achieve the purpose of nourishing weight.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu Intern editor: Zhu Yanmei)

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