Five foods that are thinner and thinner

Many of the Chinese medicines that can lose weight are our daily foods. Sticking to eat, we can become thinner and thinner. The following five kinds of food are worrying about weight loss. You may wish to eat more.


Sexual taste is salty and cold, belongs to the liver, stomach, and kidney meridian. Modern studies have proved that kelp can indeed eliminate blood lipids and reduce the deposition of fat on the heart, blood vessels, and intestinal walls, especially for obesity caused by hypothyroidism.

Kelp medicine meal prescription:

[Soybean fragrant braised kelp]

Ingredients: soybeans, kelp, soy sauce, water, sesame, octagonal, tea seed oil, sugar, ginger.

1. Wash and soak in kelp for 30 minutes, soast water for 3 hours. 2. Plus of kelp, soy beans and seasonings for 20 minutes, until the soup is dried. 3. The kelp is cut into a 4 cm long section, and the soybeans can be placed on the kelp.

Efficacy: After the iodide of the kelp is absorbed by the human body, it can accelerate the elimination of lesions and inflammatory exudate, which has the functions of lowering blood pressure, preventing arteriosclerosis, and promoting harmful substance excretion. At the same time, the kelp also contains a substance called sulfate polysaccharide, which can absorb cholesterol in blood vessels and discharge them out of the body, so that the cholesterol in the blood maintains a normal content. In addition, the surface of the kelp has a layer of white powder with a slightly sweet flavor. It is a well -known mannitol. It has a good diuretic effect and can treat drug poisoning and edema. Therefore, kelp is an ideal detox and beauty food.


Sexual taste is sour and flat, entering the spleen, heart, and small intestine, it has better diuretic swelling and detoxifying effects. The application of red beans for weight loss is especially effective for obesity accompanied by edema.

[Chixiaodou Food therapy]:

1. Chilou mulberry soup: 60g of red beans, 15g of mulberry white skin. Add water to cook, go to mulberry white peel, drink soup and beans. Origin from “Materia Medica Pickling”. This prescription uses red beans to strengthen the spleen and dampness, and uses mulberry white skin to diuretic and swelling. Used for spleen and edema or athlete, and the urine is unfavorable.

2. Mao Gen cooks red beans: 250g of white Maoen, 120g of red beans. Add water until the water is dried, remove the white grain, and chew the beans several times. It is derived from “Elbow Missing Formula”. White Mao root is a cool diuretic drug, which has a sweet taste and is used to cook beans. It can enhance diuretic effects and more appropriate. Therefore, it is quite good. Used for edema, unfavorable urine. It is now available in nephritis or malnutrition edema.

3, red bean porridge: 120g of red beans, 30g of rice. Add an appropriate amount of water and cook porridge. Divide in 2 times. It is derived from “Women’s Good Recipe”. This recipe can benefit the spleen and stomach and get milk. Used for women with lack of qi and blood, and milk is not lower.


It is sweet and flat, and the “Compendium of Materia Medica” believes that yam can “benefit kidney qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach, stop diarrhea, and reduce phlegm salivation.” Many nourishing prescriptions contain yam. In modern scientific analysis, the advantage of yam is containing a large amount of adhesive protein, which can prevent fat from depositing on the cardiovascular, maintain blood vessel elasticity, reduce subcutaneous fat accumulation, and avoid obesity. If you have indigestion, you can use yam, lotus seeds, and a little sugar to cook together.

[Yam Pharmaceutical Food Therapy]:

1. Yam red dates: 60g of yam, cut into particles, 30g of jujube, and the right amount of rice, add water to cook porridge. Season with sugar. This prescription uses yam and jujube to nourish the spleen and stomach, and jujube can nourish the blood. For weak spleen and stomach, reduced diet, indigestion, and blood deficiency.

2, yam powder: dry yam is half -fry, half of life, research as fineness. 30g each time, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and tone rice. The yam is half -fried and half -life, which not only replenishes the temper and benefits the spleen. “Hundred Election Recipes” is used in the spleen and yang (qi) spleen and yin, all of which are damaged, vomiting nausea, and not eating; “Puji Fang” cure spleen and stomach weakness, vomiting does not think about food, and abdomen is full.

3, yam cane juice paste: 60g of fresh yam, chopped, smashed, half a bowl of sugar cane juice, stewed on the fire. It derived from “Simple Single”. This recipe can moisturize the lungs and divert phlegm. It is used for long -disease cough and asthma, less sputum or sputum, dry mouth and dry mouth.

Winter melon:

The taste is sweet and slightly cold, which can diuretic and eliminate phlegm, clear heat and detoxify. “Food therapy” says: “Those who want to get fat, don’t eat it.” Because obese people are mostly hot in their bodies, the qi and heat -clearing function of winter melon has the function of clearing the heat and clearing thermal clearing function. Helping weight loss can be taken in large quantities for a long time.

[Winter melon spinach soup]

300 grams of winter melon, 200 grams of spinach, 30 grams of lamb, ginger and green onions each. First peel the melon, wash and cut into a square, choose to wash it, cut into 4 cm long sections, cut the lamb slices, cut the ginger, and cut the section; Investment onion, stir -fry lamb slices, then add onion segments, ginger slices, spinach, winter melon pieces, stir fry a few times, add fresh soup, boil for about 10 minutes, add salt, soy sauce, MSG, and finally pour wet starch juice juice Set up and go. This soup is delicious and delicious, has the effects of replenishing deficiency and swelling, weight loss fitness, and is suitable for women’s pregnancy edema.


It has the functions of clearing the head, eliminating thirst, removing phlegm, eliminating food, and diuretic. And modern western medicine proves that the caffeine contained in tea can excite the central nervous system, increase the body’s consumption, and at the same time can diuretic and promote metabolism. Pu’er tea and oolong tea have the best weight loss effect, which is known as the beauty of weight loss tea.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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