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Five gold standards on the perfect chest

The beautiful breast curve is eager to own each woman, and to have perfect breasts. Be sure to understand the standards of the perfect chest. Breast enhancement is not high, nor is it beautiful. Let’s take a look at the 5 major gold standards for international breast enhancement aesthetics.

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1. Proud form

The most perfect breast shape is a hemispherical water drop -shaped milk like “Milo’s Venus”. Generally, the height of the milk shaft is 5cm, and the chest wall is almost 90 degrees, which is about 1/2 of the diameter of the breast base.

2. Ideal location

The overall is located in the 2-6 intercostal, the base diameter is 10-12 cm, the height of the base surface to the nipple is 5-6 cm, the nipple is located in the fourth intercost (about 1/2 of the upper arm), the depression in the middle line of the collarbone and the two two and two of the two depths and two collarbone. The nipples are connected to the waist triangle at three points, and the interval between the two nipples is about 20 cm.

3. Seductive duct

Sexy breasts must not be seductive cleavage. From the perspective of fashion aesthetics, the cleavage is not only a manifestation of full, healthy, and perfect breasts, but also a sign of visual focus and self -display.

4. Youth Dynamics

Beautiful and sexy breasts should have good full filling, and they will have rhythmic dynamics with exercise. When standing or lying, they show the beauty of “water drops”.

5, delicate feel

“The natural beauty is touched if sheep fat, gentle and smooth”, tension, good elasticity, moderate softness, skin shiny, normal standing, plump, well -proportioned, flexible, and moderate size.

The 10 most standard for women’s breasts

First, plump, well -proportioned, flexible and elastic.

Second, the breast position is high, and the nipples are located in the fourth intercate in the second to the sixth ribs.

Third, the interval between the two nipples is greater than 20 cm, the diameter of the base surface of the breast is 10-12 cm, and the breast shaft (from the height of the base surface to the nipple) is 5-6 cm.

Fourth, the shape is straight, and it is hemispherical.

Fifth, hanging type: The milk shaft is significantly downward, soft and flexible. Bodybuilding standards include breast morphology, breast skin texture and nipple form.

Sixth and hemispherical: The height of the milk shaft is 3-5cm, which is about 1/2 of the diameter of the breast base.

Seven, standing type: large breast tension, good elasticity, almost 90 degrees of milk shaft and chest wall.

Eight, cone type: The height of the milk shaft is above 6cm, which is 1/2 greater than the diameter of the breast base.

Nine, leaning: The milk shaft is slightly down, soft and elastic.

10. Bowl type: The axis of the milk is 2-3cm, which is less than 1/2 of the diameter of the breast base. It belongs to a relatively flat breast.

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