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Five great attention to measure the blood sugar of the empty abdomen

Patients with diabetes must not only control the empty blood glucose, but also keep the blood sugar at a good level at a good level in order to reduce the occurrence of complications.

Generally speaking, human meals have higher blood sugar than empty blood glucose, but not too much higher. The blood glucose 2 hours after a normal meal is lower than 7.8 mmol/liter. If the blood glucose 2 hours after a meal of diabetic patients is often higher than 11.1 mmol/liter, many complications will occur, such as the bottom retinopathy, kidney disease, heart and brain Vascular lesions, limbs numb. Most diabetic patients know that they should eat less and restrict the total amount of diet, and arrange diet according to the heat that can be transformed in food. However, there are not many people who can match the “blood glucose index” in life in life. The so -called “blood glucose index” refers to the effect of a certain food that can increase blood sugar. The calculation formula of the food blood glucose generation index is: The total area of ​​the blood glucose production index is equal to the total area of ​​the food under 2 hours of glucose curve of the food 2 hours, and the total area under the plasma curve of the plasma glucose curve 2 hours after the glucose meals is multiplied by 100. Foods with a blood glucose index greater than 70 belong to the food of high blood sugar index; foods with blood glucose generation index between 55 and 70 belong to the medium -blood glucose index food; foods with less than 55 blood glucose index belong to low blood glucose index foods.

Pay attention to the following things to measure blood glucose:

1 Do not stop the medicine for measuring blood glucose.

2 If you injected medium -effect insulin before going to bed, the blood collection time of testing the blood glucose should be delayed, because the hypoglycemic effect of insulin can be maintained until 8 o’clock to 9 o’clock the next day.

3 If the sugar friends take oral hypoglycemic drugs and the blood collection time is late, after taking hypoglycemic drugs after blood collection, the next meal of the next meal should be reduced as appropriate to prevent the drug superimposed and cause hypoglycemia.

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4 If you cannot determine the time to measure blood sugar, you can eat breakfast on time at home, and then go to the hospital for 2 hours of blood sugar after meals, so that it will not affect the medication and meals, and it will not cause blood sugar fluctuations.

5 Do not die excessively the day before the blood glucose measurement. Although you can get the result of “ideal”, this is a self -deceiving behavior. Such blood sugar results cannot reflect your normal blood glucose level.

(Editor in charge: Wang Huiming Intern editor: Tan Yong)

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