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“Five hepatitis B” test is called to stop becoming a paper empty text

On February 10 this year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Health jointly issued the “Notice on Further Standardizing the Entrusted and Employment Medical Examination Project to maintain the right to enroll and employment rights of hepatitis B surface antigen”. In the citizen’s enrollment and employment physical examination, the employer shall not be required to carry out the test of hepatitis B project, not requesting a test report for hepatitis B project, or asking whether it is a hepatitis B surface antigen carrier. Half a year has passed. A few days ago, the reporter found in an interview that hepatitis B discrimination is still common in employment and job search. If you want to break the “discrimination door”, you still have a long way to go.

Hepatitis B carriers: graduate students repeatedly defeated

Zhang Qiang (pseudonym), 26 years old, is a graduate student of Harbin Institute of Technology. During the school, cultural classes have always been among the best. Because of the hepatitis B and Sanyang, Zhang Qiang repeatedly encountered walls in job hunting. In the past two years, Zhang Qiang was admitted to three different public institutions as the first test score. Two of them were detected by hepatitis B during the medical examination, and the unit rejected Zhang Qiang with an excuse for not suitable for job requirements. What made Zhang Qiang even more hit was that after working in a public institution for one month, he was recognized by leaders, but when he was about to turn right, after being detected by hepatitis B during the collective medical examination organized by the unit, Zhang Qiang fired. In April 2010, Zhang Qiang was admitted to an institution and institution of Harbin, a Harbin, who only recruited one employee as the first total score, but still had to pass the physical examination of the unit to enter the unit. Five tests.

Zhang Qiang’s father was nearly 60 years old. He told reporters that he had been quietly followed during the medical examination of Zhang Qiang’s unit, worried that he would become a child’s employment threshold again because hepatitis B. After talking about the child’s employment encounter and discrimination, Mr. Zhang cried in front of the reporter. “The child’s mother has been blaming himself and always said that it is not a parent who carry hepatitis B virus. Just because of the hepatitis B, we ruined the child’s future, we died! “

In the interview, the reporter learned that Zhang Qiang faced was not an example. On August 23, the reporter accompanied a hepatitis B patient, Mr. Liu, to a foreign company to apply for designers. After the assessment of all aspects passed, the other party heard that he was a carriers of hepatitis B virus, and there was no news. Since then, although Mr. Liu has a graduate degree, he has repeatedly defeated and defeated for 5 consecutive jobs for 5 consecutive times. The body will not be able to eat. “Subsequently, the reporter applied for the position of an advertising planning company and the regional manager of a clothing company as the regional manager of a clothing company as a carrier of hepatitis B virus. Once discovered, it is not necessary. “The reporter repeatedly stated to the person in charge that hepatitis B virus carriers would not be transmitted, but the person in charge still refused.

Employer: “The company does not worry about recruiting people, it is better to recruit healthier”

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The reporter learned in many householders and medical examination centers in Harbin that the “five hepatitis B” is still an important indicator of the health inspection of employees in most enterprises. Mr. Wang, manager of the personnel department of a company in Harbin, told reporters that all enterprises requested to check hepatitis B in the medical examination items of new employees. For enterprises, the choice of new employees is relatively large, and naturally there is no need to risk this risk. This is not only considering itself, it is more to eliminate the concerns of other employees of the enterprise, so as not to affect the normal operation of the enterprise. Moreover, the new employee’s medical examination is the last screening process for talents. After all, the company’s employees dine in the cafeteria at noon. If there are patients with hepatitis B, then other employees will think that there is a hidden health hazard in the working environment, which may affect it that it will affect it. their job. He also said that the reason why hepatitis B is not discriminated against them, but now there are many candidates. The company is not worried about not being able to recruit people, and it is better to recruit healthier.

(Intern editor: Li Xing)

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