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Five major factors after abortion need to pay attention to


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Many female friends have experienced miscarriage, some of which are abortion because of accidental pregnancy, and some are abortion caused by embryo. Some female friends have dysmenorrhea after abortion. For female friends who have happened, they must want to know the cause of dysmenorrhea. So, what are the causes of dysmenorrhea after abortion?

Reasons for dysmenorrhea after abortion

1. Change of uterine position changes

Many female friends were originally anterior uterine position. After abortion, due to surgery, it became the back of the uterus, or even the post -flexion. This is prone to dysmenorrhea. Therefore, one of the common causes of dysmenorrhea after miscarriage is that the uterine position changes.

2. Infertility infection

After miscarriage, the clearance surgery may be performed. If there is no strict disinfection of the relevant appliances during the operation, it is likely to cause medical -derived infection, which will cause post -miscarriage dysmenorrhea.

3. Gynecological inflammation

Some female friends do not pay attention to personal hygiene after abortion, which has a gynecological inflammation, which can easily lead to dysmenorrhea. In addition, it was not long after abortion, and the sexual life began to cause gynecological inflammation, which caused dysmenorrhea.

4, cold

After abortion, women need to be well cultivated. It is best to be a small confinement. This can help the uterus recover as soon as possible. If you just finish abortion, do not pay attention to rest, do not pay attention to keep warm, or even contact cold water, it may cause the uterus to receive cold. As a result, dysmenorrhea is occurred.

5. Endocrine disorders

If it is a normal pregnancy, but to terminate pregnancy through abortion, it may cause endocrine disorders, which will easily cause dysmenorrhea.

What are the causes of dysmenorrhea after abortion? The above introduces the five major causes of dysmenorrhea after abortion, namely the changes in uterine position, inflammation infection, gynecological inflammation, cold and endocrine disorders. These five major causes are the main causes of dysmenorrhea after abortion. Female friends who have such situations should go to the hospital for relevant examinations in time and treat them with symptomatic treatment.

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