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Five men that girls will encounter

In different but similar love roads, perhaps every mature woman will feel the same.

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From girls to women, we will meet many men, and they will give us a deep love class. When we see the ugly state of love, we still believe in love or enjoy the madness of love. After the heartbreak again and again, I learned to pick myself back and love. He doesn’t want it, I want it.

We bid farewell to these men, and after they left, they gradually discovered: Breakout is not worthy of us, but that he is not worth such a good person; or, two people who are not suitable for them should no longer barely think of each other to each other with each other. Tied together.

Men No. 1: I don’t love you, I just love not deeply enough

They will remember to love you, but you will never feel your weight in this relationship, and even the LOL in his computer will win you. One day you break up, he doesn’t hurt or itch.

Before falling in love, we are the first individual, so of course everyone will care about things, and important things vary from person to person. Falling in love will not be the whole of life. To love someone, it is not necessary to turn around this person, but when you find that you are not in the track of this person at all, it is another matter.

He may not love you, but he doesn’t love you so much that he cares about your feelings. Before you, there are always a bunch of things, friends, video games, work, family, and every one to win you. “I don’t love you, but without you, my world will not happen.” Finally, one day he shrugged to you, and then turned back and continued to beat his lol, as if the world was calm. When you see your position in his heart, you suddenly wake up. In this relationship, there has always been “you” and no “you”.

What you learned on Men No. 1: The two are willing to work hard for each other.

In each relationship, despite failure, I always learn what. Yes, falling in love has always been a matter of two people. One person is actively working hard, and the other person says that no need, there is no room for turning. It is hard to say that “when you meet a person you like,” it is rare. It is better to say that “people who are willing to work hard for each other” is worth it.

Men No. 2: Don’t love you and don’t let go

They do n’t love and do n’t let go. If it is interesting, it ’s interesting, pulling the dragging to the old love, and treating love as a game.

You obviously remember that he said, “I don’t seem to love you so much”, but I feel that he is still around you. I call you on both ends for three days, pretending to ask if you want to go out. So every time you see him, you can’t help laughing in your heart. You think “Next step, we will reunite!”

“If he doesn’t love me, why worry about me like this?” You kept flashing this idea, but you only know that this kind of man is not kind at all, and it is called cowardly. He doesn’t feel bad for you, he is just afraid of loneliness. He uses your likes to feed himself proud. He couldn’t control his loneliness, so he looked for you who had not been away from him and stayed away again and again.

He said that he was afraid that you were injured, but in fact you knew. He was most afraid of injury. He would always be herself, because he couldn’t afford the label of the bad guy.

What you learned on the 2nd of men: The stingy in love is the atmosphere of loving yourself

Because in love, we are not great, but we only learn in our rotating life, put on the weight of another person, but when you draw our future blueprint, we also consider it. After breaking up, don’t force yourself to be friends, because you are not really bad. Rather than being his chicken ribs, it is better to find another person who is more suitable for him.

Men No. 3: Pretend to be an innocent flower -hearted prodigal son

They believe in “men are not bad and women do not love”, and they look harmless on the surface, and they are desperately bad in their backs, as if all these are justified. In the end, it is what you want, so you can’t. It doesn’t matter, but he is so bad that he is so harmful to hide himself. He packed himself so purely, as if he accidentally fell in love with you, is the only special example in his good record. When he said “falling in love with you is my fault” seems to condemn himself, only he knew he was laughing.

He really loved those women around him, but love disappeared so fast. After all, he loved himself over others. In a relationship, he was too tired to get tired. If the two people were a little unhappy, he was lazy to communicate, and it was faster to replace one. In the end, you may find that he has a new target of communication and does not even plan to explain to you. You found that before you, there were too many “seniors” who had stood at the scene of the crime like you, and everyone saw their shadow on the next person. You once thought you were his redemption, but after all, you overestimated yourself, and you couldn’t even save yourself.

What you learned on the No. 3 of men: love is not a special effect of healing

Love has nothing to do with salvation. You once reached out and pulled him out of a mud; in the end, it became his next mud. In love, we all learn to save ourselves. No matter how difficult it is, you have to learn to crawl out of the mud, don’t look like him, and take another love of love as a special effect of treatment.

Men No. 4: I only think of being affectionate with you all day long

There is a man who wants to be affectionate with you, and at other times, you are happy to you. Sex seems to be the only way he expresses love. He said he loved you, but at the time other than heated, you couldn’t feel his love. There are many ways to love, but for him, there seems to be only one expression method. At the beginning, you still think that at least this is the way he said “want you”, at least your love is very passionate. But after a few times, you suddenly felt that he only cares about his own joy. Because when he wants, you can’t help you. You have almost no room for discussing. You feel that you are about to lose yourself. Your relationship becomes more and more like a dangerous bet. The chip is your body. The three elements of love are intimacy, passion, and promise, but your love has only one line, which marks the fleeting passion.

What you learned on the 4th of men: The man who really loves you will not just love you one look

If he loves you, he will not just want to know you from a single perspective. He will be eager to know your world better. He will want to have you who are not just on the bed, but you are wearing glasses, you who use your shark clipped, you can stay up late to make a report, but you do n’t shout you. The stubborn you … Love, of course, will not always be the same pattern of love, but it should be the other person who continues to fall in love with the new appearance.

Men No. 5: With a wife, I still want to love you

They are greedy, their left hand is going to take their wives, and their right hand will hold you. You can’t think of why he allocated time, or why he must be eased to two people.

With him, to be honest, you realize unprecedented happiness. He is mature and calm, and he has not recklessly in the same age as you; he understands you very much, always hearing the voice of your string; he does not specifically ask who you go out, because he always believes in you, so you have been deeply deep Believe him. It was not until later that you found out why he was free every Friday night. It turned out that it was a fixed party of their family. He took his wife and children to attend with a sweet man.

Family: He, wife, and his children, you find that you will always be outside his world. Then you think of every time you talk about getting married, his face always has a expression of words. You hate the love of Hengdao most, but you have become a third party inexplicably.

He said he loved you and had only responsibility to the family. Looking at the man in front of him, he said endlessly that you think he is strange. You are tired of playing with these three people. You don’t want to fight for you to die. I just want to change his love. You don’t want to use bruises to change your relationship. When you leave, you finally think of yourself.

What you learned from Man 5: Love is not gone without you, but I can’t live, but you are more complete with you

Don’t bet your life on a person, don’t take yourself as a bet to exchange for whom. In love, there will be sacrifice, but only one person is injured from beginning to end, and one person is hurting. Love, there are some things, you can stop it; some people, even if you love it.

From girls to women, there are many classes, we are in tears and meet with better ourselves. When I grew up, I felt that I could thank these men who had met. In fact, I have worn it, who has never done bad men or bad women in love? Every drop of tears is our experience, every scar is proof of love. Then, in the falling love again and again, it evolved into a better person.

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