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Five must -have knowledge for diabetes exercise!The first you must guess …

Lifetime management plays the most basic and most important role in diabetes care. The study of the famous diabetes in my country -Daqing Studies, because of the first time that lifestyle intervention can prevent diabetes, it has a sensation in the world, and then rewrite the guidance of diabetes prevention …

“People with food as the sky” is the most popular idiom in China. It is also the most valued part of the intervention of lifestyles. Patients always like to ask: “Doctors, do I have any taboos?” But rarely rarely Some patients asked: “What should I live in diabetes?”, Lifestyle intervention includes not only diet therapy (also known as nutritional therapy), but also exercise therapy, psychotherapy, patient self -management and other aspects.

Today, we will briefly talk about what benefits of diabetic patients can bring to diabetic patients!

01 Prevent diabetes, exercise is more effective than diet control!

Exercise can enhance physical fitness, reduce obesity, improve heart and lung function, thereby reducing the incidence of diabetes. According to research statistics, less than 5%of patients with regular exercise diabetes are conducted, and the incidence of type 2 diabetes in the active active active activity decreases significantly [1]. And the results of the famous Daqing study showed that the annual incidence of diabetes patients was significantly lower than the control group and the diet therapy group in the exercise therapy group [2].

02 Different sports and different effects!

Studies have shown that the incidence of medium -intensity aerobic exercise (to sweating), such as walking, jogging, cycling, etc., will be significantly reduced.

Patients with type 2 diabetes performed the aerobic exercise of 50%to 60%of the maximum oxygen in 8 weeks. As a result, the patient’s average heart output increased, blood pressure decreased, and static heart rate decreased [3].

In addition, for 30 minutes of medium -intensity exercise, it can improve the sensitivity of insulin receptors and its combination ability to accelerate the use of blood sugar [4]; and long -term aerobic exercise can effectively promote the increase in the number of insulin receptors and enhancement of activity [ 5].

03 exercise can significantly improve blood sugar!

Under the condition of the condition, maintaining a longer and regular medium -intensity exercise can significantly reduce the blood glucose and postprandial blood sugar [6]. High blood glucose is a sign of diabetes, which contains two aspects: persistent hyperglycemia and volatility hyperglycemia.

A 12 -week exercise treatment plan on the basis of strict diet control can significantly reduce the glycated hemoglobin and insulin resistance index (insulin resistance index = empty blood glucose × empty insulin/22.5), and improve blood sugar volatility [7].

04 exercise can effectively prevent complications [8]!

1. Systems, long -term and medium -term aerobic exercises are of great significance to prevent various complications such as diabetic myocardial disease, cerebral vascular disease, kidney lesions, and bottom disease.

2. Movement can enhance the nerve conduction function, thereby improving peripheral neuropathy, including diabetic foot.

3. Quantitative energy consumption -consuming movement of lifestyle intervention technology can significantly improve the metabolism of patients with type 2 diabetes.

05 Not all diabetic patients can exercise!

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First of all, it is clear that not all patients with diabetes need/suitable for exercise therapy. Like all treatment methods, exercise therapy also has its indication and contraindications [9].

In addition, the patient’s exercise capacity and level should be considered when formulating diabetic exercise prescriptions. There must be preparation activities and sorting activities before and after exercise to avoid cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, muscle joint injuries, and ensure the safety of exercise processes.

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