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Five must -have medical examinations in the baby 1 year old

The first physical examination (day 42 after birth)

Hospital examination: On the 42nd day after the baby was born, the first individual examination was ushered in. Doctors usually check the baby’s height, weight, cardiopulmonary, hemoglobin, zinc cymbal phosphorus, alkaline phosphate, hip test, hip lines, umbilical cords, and nutritional evaluation. At this time, the baby is still very small. Cardiopulmonary examination is mainly completed by auscultation and percussion. The blood check is simply checked. Among them, zinc pheasant phosphorus is an indicator of the iron in the blood. Alkaline is an indicator for checking calcium. The hip test and the buttocks are to check whether the baby’s hip is problematic and whether the hip joint has congenital dislocation. The cord medical examination is to check whether the baby has a congenital disease umbilical hernia.

You can do a simple inspection at home

Vision: Moms and dads should borrow flashlights to move the flashlight in one direction. If the baby’s eyes can easily follow the light movement, the baby’s vision is developing normally.

Action development: Observe whether the baby’s small arms and calves always like to be bent, and the two small hands hold the fist. If so, it is developed normally.

Genital: For male babies, parents can visually check the testicles, whether the scrotum is smooth and non -foreign body.

Tips: After the baby is full, you can take out the sun and let the vitamin D source in the skin transform into vitamin D, and promote the absorption of trace element calcium.

The 2nd physical examination (at 4 months of the baby)

Hospital examination: The inspection items include weight, height, measurement of the head, listening to the heart, and blood test. The average babies of 4 months weighed 7.36 kg and height of 64.5 cm.

You can do a simple inspection at home

Action development: Mom and dad can support the baby’s armpit or arms, and the baby’s legs can support the body; let the baby lie down and lift the head. If the baby’s head and the scapula are 90 degrees, it means that the baby’s movement is normal.

Vision: Mom and Dad hold the object slowly in front of the baby’s eyes to observe the baby’s eyes. Under normal circumstances, the baby’s eyes can follow the movement of the movement of the movement, and the head will turn.

Listening: Mom and Dad speak gently in the baby’s ears. When the baby hears the sound, he will show an expression of paying attention to listening and try to turn to parents.

Oral: At this time, the baby’s saliva glands are developing, and parents can see that there are often drool flowing out of the mouth.

The 3rd physical examination (when the baby is 6 months)

Hospital examination: When the baby is 6 months old, in addition to weighing weight, tailoring, and meals, the hospital will listen to the heart, blood test, and check the development of bone development and trace elements. After 6 months, the baby’s hematopoietic substance obtained by the mother is basically exhausted, which is prone to anemia. After 6 months of babies, the lack of trace elements such as calcium deficiency will affect the normal development of the bones. Severe calcium will appear in the case.

You can do a simple inspection at home

Action development: I can turn over, I have been sitting, but I still do not sit very steadily. Will reach out to take what you want, and stuff it into your mouth.

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Visual: The body can rotate with the eyes and eyes. For bright goals and toys, you can watch about half a minute.

Listening: The baby is sensitive to the sound at this time. Mom and Dad speak or roll the bell at the place where the baby is half a meter.

Teeth: The germination time of the baby’s deciduous teeth is mostly 6 to 8 months. The faster baby has 2 teeth for 6 months. At the same time, due to the stimulation of teething, saliva secretion increases, and the phenomenon of drooling will continue and aggravate. Dades should pay attention to cleaning your baby during this period

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