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Five points you need to pay attention to before the blood lipid test

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, what should be paid attention to before the blood lipid test? According to the opinions of the expert, pay attention to five points before the blood lipid test.

First, beware of drug interference. Some coronary heart disease drugs can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides; vitamin A and vitamin D can increase cholesterol; nitroglycerin and glycolinol can increase triglyceride. Therefore, do not take these drugs within 2-3 days before blood drawing.

Second, rational control of diet. You cannot eat within 12 hours before blood drawing, you cannot drink water within 8 hours, you cannot drink alcohol within 3 days, and you cannot eat animal meat, because the internal organs, brain, bone marrow, fat and other cholesterol content are high. This can avoid fat and alcohol in foods. Waiting for the impact on the temporary increase of blood lipids.

Third, pay attention to the action posture. It is best to sit on the stool before the blood test. If you lie down or lie, the cholesterol starts to decrease after 5 minutes, and it can be reduced by 10%-15%after 20 minutes. If you stand for 20 minutes, cholesterol can be reduced by about 6%-10% Essence Therefore, it is required to sit for 5-10 minutes before the blood test, and each blood drawing posture should be consistent, so that the effect of the test results is minimal.

Fourth, grasp the ligation time of the hemostatic band. Before the doctor tests the patient, it is best not to stop the bleeding band ligation for more than 1 minute. For more than 2 minutes, cholesterol can increase by 2%-5%; if it exceeds 5 minutes, cholesterol can increase by 5%-15%.

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Fifth, moderate fitness exercise. Do not do too fierce fitness exercises 2-3 days before blood tests, such as running, playing, high jumping. Because the amount of exercise is too large, the lipase activity in fat increases, and the blood lipids decreases accordingly, which will also have a certain impact on the test results. Especially the elderly do not take morning exercises in the morning.

(Editor in charge: Tang Aifeng)

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