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Five traditional Chinese medicine weight loss tea detoxification and laxative weight loss

Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss … have become a very natural thing, girls just think that as long as they can lose weight, they will try everything. There are not many ways to lose weight to lose weight, but Chinese medicine weight loss tea is among them. Let’s take a look at the five Chinese medicine weight loss tea:

1. Hawthorn Yimu Black Tea: Lifting fat and swelling

Materials: 3-5 hawthorn fruit, 1 motherwort, 1 yuan of black tea tea bags.

Method: Wash the hawthorn fruit and motherwort, peel the small pieces, then soak the tea bag with 500c.c water, turn the tea color to red, add the cup lid after adding hawthorn and motherwort, and drink for about 5 minutes.

Efficacy: Hawthorn relieves greasy to help digestion, can reduce cholesterol, motherwort and water swelling, and excess water in the lower limbs; suitable for more entertainment, less exercise, and those with lower abdomen or calf edema.

Reminder: Hawthorn and motherwort can promote gastrointestinal movement, and should not be consumed on an empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.

Second, Chenpi Umei Pu’er: stop swelling and fatigue

Materials: 3-5 slices of Chenpi, 1 black plum, and 1 Hangju Pu’er tea bag.

Method: Wash the Chenpi and black plums, cut the small pieces of Chenpi, cut or flatten it, soak the tea bag with 500cc boiling water, turn the tea color to yellow, and then add the Chenpi and black plums. Can.

Efficacy: Chenpi promote the digestion of the gastrointestinal tract, helps to stop qi and abdominal pain, relieve abdominal distension, oxia and Chenpi are acidic, which can promote saliva secretion, help quench thirst, and improve the dryness of the mouth and nose.

Reminder: It is not advisable to drink on an empty stomach. There are usually excessive stomach acid secretion, which is limited to 1 cup to avoid drinking abdominal pain.

Third, hawthorn Chenpi decision: lower blood lipid

Materials: 10 grams of Cassia, 6 grams each, and 2 tablets of licorice.

Method: Wash the Chenpi and Hawthorn, peel the small pieces, add 500c.c in the tea bag and soak the water, and then add Chenpi and hawthorn for about 5 minutes to drink.

Efficacy: Cassia seeds moisturize the intestines, hawthorn can help lowering blood lipids to help digestion, tetrodes to eliminate flatulence, licorice can make the tea sweet and protect the stomach.

Reminder: Those with weak gastrointestinal function and diarrhea are not suitable.

Fourth, lotus leaf diarrhea drink: eliminate edema

Materials: 6 grams each of lotus leaves and Zexie, 3 grams each of He Shouwu and Danshen.

Efficacy: Lotus leaf and Zexie help to benefit the swelling of the water and help the water divide metabolism. He Shouwu can help removing fats and salviars to promote blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Method: After washing the medicinal materials, add 500c.c boiled water to drink.

Reminder: It is not appropriate to gastrointestinal function, gastrointestinal pain, stomach and stomach esophageal reflux.

Fifth, Cassiazi Drink: Blasting flatulence

Materials: 6 grams of Cassia, 3 grams of Masaru, green tea, mint, 3 grams of malt.

Efficacy: Cassia seeds and Azi Ren have the effect of moisturizing the intestinal, green tea to remove oil, mint sparse wind, heat and reduce fire, and malt help eliminate flatulence.

Method: Cassia seeds fry them with low heat until the aroma overflows out, waiting for cooling. Put all the medicinal materials in the cup and soak it with 500c.c in water for 3-5 minutes.

Reminder: Those with weak gastrointestinal function and diarrhea are not suitable.

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