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Follow the trend to challenge color bean makeup women’s skin allergies experts remind: pigment components or harmful to the skin, participants should choose makeup materials carefully

“Blind Box Culture” has now become a new trend sought after by young people. Recently, Jimu Journalists found that color bean candy makeup challenges are hot on the online video platform. This challenge randomly extracts color beans in a blind box. Facial makeup is completed according to the color of colored beans. The makeup effect of “ugly and ugly” has attracted many young people to join the challenge.

Yesterday, Jiangcheng Dermatology experts reminded that citizens should not blindly challenge the blind box of color beans. If they want to participate, they should choose makeup materials for safe and reliable and suitable for their skin.

Skin allergies after women challenge

Miss Wu, 26, is a beauty master who usually loves to buy cosmetics and study various makeup. On this day, she brushed the video software and found that there is a topic of colorful bean makeup challenges. The beauty blog in the cover map is the same as Avatar. Miss Wu was curious to open the topic page. I saw the beauty blogger randomly extract the blue bean as the foundation color, and then she applied the blue pigments on the face, and the method was like brushing the wall, and soon covered her face.

The beauty blogger introduced that colorful beans have high color saturation, and daily cosmetics are difficult to achieve such gorgeous makeup effects. Therefore, they specially purchased human body painted pigments for makeup challenges. The blogger then took yellow as eyebrows, green as the color of the eye shadow, and purple as the lip color. All kinds of “strange” colors are put together and creative, coupled with the superb makeup technology of bloggers, and finally presented the makeup effect like an elf from the aliens. Netizens have commented on their comments.

After seeing this challenge, Ms. Wu, who loves beauty, was very interested. She immediately placed the human body painted pigment and a bag of colorful beans on the Internet, and invited friends to participate in the color bean makeup challenge. Come makeup. At first, my friend smoked the coffee color beans as a base makeup color, and Miss Wu chose the brown pigment and applied it on his face. In order to coat the color full, the effect is good, and the place where she is not full, she repeatedly applies until the best makeup effect is completed. In order to pursue special makeup like beauty bloggers, Miss Wu added a lot of decorative colors and patterns on the heavy base makeup.

That night, Miss Wu felt itchy, a little red, and could not stop itching for a long time after scratching. The next day, her face was more red, swollen, itchy, and a little rash. So she came to the first hospital of Wuhan City. Qin Li, deputy chief physician of the dermatology, judged that Miss Wu caused allergies due to improper makeup. Subsequently, Qin Li carefully checked the formula of the human body, and found that some of the ingredients in the painted pigments may be allergens. After treatment, Miss Wu’s skin allergies were relieved.

It’s okay to play, but you need to choose cosmetics carefully

The reporter searched on the online shopping platform and found that the prices of painted paint pigments ranging from more than ten yuan to more than 300 yuan. The promotional advertisement stated that the pigment was easy to get on color for 30 seconds, and it was convenient for makeup removal.

A store advertisement with a monthly sales of a thousand monthly sales stated that the product’s ingredients are mild, the raw materials are as mild and not exciting as lipstick, and children are applicable. When the reporter questioned the safety of painting pigments, the staff said that this human body painted pigment was safely certified. The pigments were extracted from pure plants and are not toxic and harmless. Kindergartens often ordered. It is guaranteed to be used with confidence. The makeup remover is simple. There is no need to use makeup remover oil. Use a wet tissue and cleanser.

Netizens who purchased painted pigments also mixed comments on the product. Some messages praised the makeup effect, and some netizens left a message saying that they were allergic to the whole face and itching.

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In this regard, Wan Hui, deputy director of the dermatology department of Wuhan Central Hospital, said that the challenge of Caidou’s makeup is mainly entertainment, and it is also a way for young people to relax and decompression. However, it is worth reminding that the chemical composition of some painted pigments is more complicated, and some ingredients may cause damage to the skin. Even if the amount of each absorption is small, it will still cause primary stimulation to the skin, causing redness, swelling, itching and other skin to skin and other skin. Allergies, while dermatitis and eczema patients are used, they will aggravate the condition.

Qin Li, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of Wuhan First Hospital, reminded that when participating in Cai Doudou’s makeup challenge, young people need to carefully choose makeup materials and try to buy cosmetics of regular brands. Children, pregnant women, and people with damage to the skin should avoid using human -painted paint and reduce the stimulation of painting pigments to skin inhalation. If you have discomfort after use, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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