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For 27 years of cure for cancer, tumor experts died of pancreatic cancer.

He is a anti -cancer fighter who fights for 15 months with steel -like will. In June 2019, the doctor stopped breathing and died at the age of 50.



His name is Wang Lei, who is the vice president of the sixth hospital affiliated to Sun Yat -sen University. He has been committed to medicine throughout his life and has been fighting tumors for 27 years, but he never expected that he was also stared at by pancreatic cancer.

When he was diagnosed with cancer, he was deeply weak and regretted his distress. He said: If I get slower, maybe it’s not the ending today …

For 27 years of cure for cancer, tumor experts died of pancreatic cancer.

First, he struggled with cancer for 27 years, but he found the advanced cancer

Wang Lei was born in a medical family, and his father was also a doctor. In the year of the college entrance examination, he resolutely applied for the Department of Clinical Medicine and stayed in the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal surgery at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University after graduation.

Over the years, he has been committed to the treatment and research of colorectal cancer and radiological enteritis, and has more than 4,000 patients with incurable diseases treated in his hands every year.

In March 2018, 49 -year -old Wang Lei was found to be abnormally elevated during the medical examination organized by the hospital. He had a unknown premonition at the moment when he dealt with the tumor all year round. Sure enough, further examination found that he suffered from pancreatic cancer, and his condition had developed to advanced periods and spread to the liver.


For 27 years of cure for cancer, tumor experts died of pancreatic cancer.

The arrival of cancer was not silent. At the end of 2017, Wang Lei frequently had back pain and colds, and could not be cured for a long time after a cold. However, his work at that time was very busy and was transferred to other hospitals. He thought he was a decline in immunity caused by the dissatisfaction of the soil and water, and did not associate the symptoms on his body with cancer.

It is precisely because of this negligence that he did not grasp the help signal sent by his body in time and let the condition develop to the late stage …

For 27 years of cure for cancer, tumor experts died of pancreatic cancer.

Second, the oncologist reflection after suffering from cancer: never overdraft health

After suffering from cancer, Wang Lei reflected on his past. He believed that he was caused by cancer caused by overdrawn in advance.

For more than ten years in clinical clinical, he has been living with his family in a more than ten square meters near the hospital, just to reach the hospital quickly when he has an emergency in the hospital.

On the day of confirmation, he was also in a working state, and he had been undergoing three operations every day. He had been in a high -load working state. I can’t wait for 48 hours a day to diagnose more patients.

After diagnosis of cancer, he also joked with his wife and said, “If he accelerates running for so many years, you can drag my hind legs.” However, everything is too late.

For 27 years of cure for cancer, tumor experts died of pancreatic cancer.

Third, “Cancer King” pancreatic cancer, many people mistakenly think it is stomach disease! 4 abnormalities appear, check as soon as possible

Pancreatic cancer is the most fatal cancer clinically. Although the prevalence of only 3%of all cancers, its 5 years of survival rate is less than 10%. The average survival period after the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is only 3 to 6 months. There is a title of “King of Cancer”.

After suffering from pancreatic cancer, these four symptoms may occur, but these symptoms are easily confused with some other diseases.

Abdominal pain: Abdominal pain is a typical symptom of pancreatic cancer. The main position of pain in the middle abdomen, left upper abdomen, and right upper abdomen. A few patients will have the pain of the right lower abdomen and umbilical weekly period. The reason why abdominal pain appears is caused by pancreatic tumor violations and compressive nerve nerves, and pain cannot be relieved after changing the position.

For 27 years of cure for cancer, tumor experts died of pancreatic cancer.

Jaundice: After suffering from pancreatic cancer, it will cause abnormal swelling of pancreatic, especially some patients with pancreatic head cancer. The pancreas head will compress the bile tube, which will cause bile to be excreted normally. It will make the body appear obstructive jaundice. Early manifestations may be yellow stains, and with the development of the disease, the skin of the whole body will turn yellow.

During weight loss: Cancer cells will grow wantonly in the patient’s body, constantly robbing nutrition with normal cells. When the body cells do not have enough nutritional supply, they will gradually lose weight. About 90%of cancer patients will lose weight in a short period of time. If you find that you do not deliberately lose weight in half a year, your weight decreases more than 10%, and you must be vigilant.

For 27 years of cure for cancer, tumor experts died of pancreatic cancer.

Symptoms of digestive tract: Pancreatic cancer can also cause patients with a series of digestive tract abnormalities, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea/constipation alternate, and even black stool symptoms, but this symptoms are also easily confused with digestive tract discomfort.

For 27 years of cure for cancer, tumor experts died of pancreatic cancer.

Because the early symptoms of pancreatic cancer are not specific, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible after discovering the body’s abnormal symptoms. For pancreatic cancer, the current main screening method is CT nuclear magnetic, and CT -specific CT needs to be used.

It is recommended that people over 45 years old, even if there is no symptoms of discomfort, should be screened regularly. If they are obese, have diabetes, have a medical history in the family, and chronic pancreatitis. check.

For 27 years of cure for cancer, tumor experts died of pancreatic cancer.

Fourth, protect the pancreatic health, start with these 4 aspects

Pancreatic health is very important for everyone. We need to do these four things in daily life, which is very helpful for protecting pancreatic health.

1. Quit smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol contain a large amount of harmful substances. After entering the body, the organs will be injured. It will also increase the risk of pancreatic cancer in the body. If you want to prevent diseases, you need to quit smoking and drinking.

For 27 years of cure for cancer, tumor experts died of pancreatic cancer.

2. Pay attention to diet

Pay attention to lighting in diet, reducing foods that intake high protein and high -fat. Long -term heat intake will significantly increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. It must be avoided. 3. “Stomach Pain” Don’t drag

When the pancreas is abnormal, there is often a dysfunction of the digestive tract, and symptoms similar to stomach pain occur. When the tumor diameter is greater than 3cm, abdominal pain, back pain, diarrhea, and no appetite. Medical data shows that more than 60%of patients with pancreatic gland are easily diagnosed as cholecystitis and stomach diseases, which delay the best treatment time.

Therefore, when stomach pain occurs, you should seek medical treatment in time. In addition, you should pay attention to the abuse of the drugs in daily life. Some drugs will also affect the health of the pancreas, and the medicine must be used to follow the doctor’s advice.

4. Regular physical examination

The physical examination can help discover the abnormalities of the body in time. The early symptoms of pancreatic diseases are not specific. Regular physical examinations are the key to discovering the disease. High -risk populations are recommended to have a medical examination once in half a year, and normal people also recommend at least once a year.

Nowadays, under the influence of some bad living habits, stomach problems are more common. Many people have stomach pain from time to time, and stomach pain does not pay attention to it. However, there is a kind of “stomach pain”, which may be camouflage in pancreatic cancer. Therefore, as long as the body has pain, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to treat the violation of diseases scientifically.

For 27 years of cure for cancer, tumor experts died of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is a very terrible disease. The onset is very dangerous, the progress is fast, the mortality rate is high, and the treatment effect is poor. We need to change from the details of life to prevent it as much as possible.

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