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For children’s allergic urticaria, what must be paid attention to?

Children’s physical resistance is relatively poor and easily attacked by some viruses. After contacting specific allergens, some children suffer from skin diseases such as children’s allergic urticaria. Parents find that their children must be sent to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible and pay special attention to care. What points should be paid attention to in care? Let’s take a look at it together!

Points of attention to children’s allergic urticaria care:

1. Pay attention to diet

First of all, do not eat foods that are likely to affect urticaria in the diet, such as shrimp, eggs, cod liver oil, milk, etc., let children eat vegetables and carbohydrate foods.

2. Timely treatment

If there are obvious causes, we should take corresponding measures for the cause, such as actively treating respiratory tract infections caused by bacteria or viruses. Everyone is best to use Chinese herbal medicine.

3. Observe the child

Parents also need to observe the situation of the child carefully, because the skin disease of urticaria is likely to have some complications. Some complications are far worse than the disease itself. Common complications include pneumonia, laryngitis, myocarditis, encephalitis, etc. Essence

4. Pay attention to rest

Patients with urticaria in children must pay more attention to bed rest. For the time being, do not let the child get out of bed. Until the rash on the body, the family must also create a quiet environment for the children. The air in the place where the air must be fresh, and the windows are often opened to ventilate the air, but the cold wind cannot be directly blown on the child. Dressing for children should also pay attention to science, don’t cover or cool.

5. Keep cleaning

Parents must keep their children’s skin clean and dry to prevent secondary infections. Baby’s nails should be cut short, and try not to persuade them not to scratch it with their hands.

The main points of nursing of children’s allergic urticaria have been explained very clearly above. I hope that parents can pay attention to the main points of nursing at the same time when they find that urticaria can be cited with doctors. The speed is still very fast.

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