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For elderly people over 60 years old, what is normal blood sugar? Reminder: exceeding this value is diabetes

Once they enter the ranks of elderly groups, many people will be seen by various diseases, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other diseases, which are common diseases for the elderly. In fact, not only the elderly, young people are not stared at by diabetes. So why are more and more people suffer from diabetes?

First, why are more and more people suffer from diabetes?

The incidence of diabetes in my country is getting higher and higher. In 2010, the incidence of diabetes was 9.7%. In 2017, it increased to 11.2%. By 2020, it has developed to 12.8%. According to statistics from the British Medical Journal, nearly half of the Chinese people exist existing Blood glucose abnormalities.

Diabetes is mainly high blood glucose, which is a metabolic disease. Generally, an empty blood glucose exceeds 7mmol/L or two hours after meals exceeding 11.1 mmol/L, and glycated hemoglobin exceeding 6.5%, it can be diagnosed as diabetes. There will be symptoms of fatigue, vague vision, drinking, multi -urine, abnormal weight loss and other symptoms. Although it is more common among middle -aged and elderly people, young people can easily be stared at. Diabetes, such as obesity, high blood lipids, like to drink sweet drinks, eat too fast, sleep insufficient sleep, smoking, etc., will also increase the risk of diabetes.

Second, the body appears x different, maybe blood sugar is rising quietly

According to statistics, one of each ten adults has a diabetic patient. One of each of them may be in the early stages of diabetes. The following strangeness appears. The alert is that the blood sugar is slowly rising.

1. It is difficult to lose weight

Obesity is a major cause of diabetes. Many diabetic patients have exceeded the standard in the early stage. If a lot of measures are taken to lose weight, it is difficult to lose weight, and we must increase their vigilance.

2. Be sleepy when you are full

Nowadays, people’s diet structure prefers fine rice noodles and other foods, but if these foods eat too much, they will cause the islet burden to increase, and symptoms of trapped may occur. Slowly, insulin resistance may occur.

3. Big belly

The waist circumference exceeds the standard, that is, people with abdominal obesity, are more prone to insulin resistance, and these people have more fat, and the chance of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is also higher.

Third, the elderly need to be individualized for the elderly. What should I do?

For elderly diabetic patients, sugar control is very critical, but because the elderly diabetes itself has its own characteristics, it is necessary to be personalized for sugar control?

Most symptoms of elderly diabetic patients are not typical, complications, complications, more diseases, and many drugs are taken. Different patients are very different. Therefore, a targeted personalized treatment plan must be formulated when controlling sugar, and at the same time Actively intervene in life.

1. Diet and quantitative, balanced nutrition

In addition to regular quantitatives, foods that eat more protein, foods containing dietary fiber should not be excessively restricted to food intake, and nutritional risks should be evaluated regularly.

2. Choose suitable sports

Different diabetes patients should choose the exercise intensity that suits them according to their physique and health.

3. Regular blood glucose monitoring

For elderly diabetic patients, regular blood glucose monitoring is also essential. You can adjust the medication according to the doctor’s advice according to the blood glucose conditions.

Although diabetes is more common among middle -aged and elderly people, young people may also be stared at, which is related to many young people’s unhealthy living habits. Usually pay attention to your physical condition. If you find it difficult to lose weight, be sleepy as soon as you eat, and the waist circumference exceeds the standard, you must be careful about being stared at by diabetes.

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