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Forgotten love is becoming more and more popular: Is this true love or just a momentary impulse?

#Do you accept sister -in -law love? #

“I can’t accept it. Men have matured late, finding a little bit less than me!”

#How old can you accept the other half? #

“There is no upper limit, the uncle is the best, the charm will hurt people …”

As the romantic plot of the film and television sister’s love continues to be staged, in reality, there are also many celebrities who truly interpret the sweetness of my sister’s love. “Forgetting New Year’s Love” forms a opposite.

The middle -aged uncle’s “old bacon” has become a popular choice for many young women to find the object.

Why do more and more people like to forget the year?

Love is essentially the increasing productivity after the opening of the industrial civilization. In the farming era, due to the low productivity, people have to produce at all times, so they do not have time to fall in love with excessive investment.

In the era of industrialization, a lot of time, at the same time, because of the prevalence of consumerism, eventually spawned love and feelings. And the love of the year is not surprising. The love with his peers has always been like a shadow.

But with the advent of the informatization era, on the one hand, many cases have been disclosed, and on the other hand, the convenience of online platforms has made people have a place for public discussion.

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It is precisely because of this form of publicity and being discussed on a large scale that it objectively promotes the popularity of the concept of forgetfulness, and has created a very suitable or even ambiguous atmosphere for young people.

And this kind of atmosphere has promoted the popularity of this concept in turn. So with each other, the love of the year is becoming more and more deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

From the perspective of men and women’s emotions, whether men are looking for a sister -type love object or a woman looking for an uncle, the essential factors behind them have psychological reasons and realistic considerations.

For example, the love model of female big men and small, from a psychological perspective, if men like older women, it means that his heart has a certain maternal complex. For women older than himself, he will have an instinctual kind of instinct to be more instinctive than himself. Dependence, this dependencies can create a sense of security.

In this relationship, older women are essentially playing a role of mother’s surname, care for men, and to a certain extent reflect the instinct of women’s mother’s surnames.

If a woman is looking for an uncle, it means that women’s psychological maturity is much higher than men of the same age. The maturity of women’s psychology itself is earlier than men, and finding an uncle as a lover can be psychologically comfortable, and you don’t have to take responsibility for the childishness of men everywhere.

What’s more, the mature attributes of the uncle’s essence can also make women feel safe in turn. In this way, each need to take what they need, and in fact, this relationship can be more reliable.

If it is a practical factors, whether it is a man looking for a sister or a woman, the older party is usually more economically higher than the younger party, or even a lot higher. This is for the younger party. It is a solid reality guarantee.

Is it true love or a “sex”?

The essence of human nature is to avoid harm, so the combination of love for the year of forgetfulness is a complementary existence in both psychological and reality. But in reality, some scammers have grasped the needs of people in their hearts and paid attention to cheating money.

At a marketing activity, 70 -year -old Lao Zhang accidentally met Xiaohong, 29 years old. When he met for the first time, Lao Zhang regarded Xiaohong as his lovers when he was young, so there were many old Zhang who moved. Know the situation of little red.

And Xiaohong told Lao Zhang without reservation that Lao Zhang was even more exciting. He even told Xiaohong that there was something to find him in the future. In this way, two people slowly contacted.

After that, Xiaohong contacted Lao Zhang from time to time, but in most cases, Xiaohong would try to let Lao Zhang buy the products of their company. Lao Zhang’s own pension is not too high. Each time thousands or even more expenditures, the expenditure, more than thousands of expenses. Make Lao Zhang gradually unbearable.

Moreover, carrying this ambiguity carrying his wife in itself made Lao Zhang feel a lot of psychological guilt, but when he thought of Xiao Hong’s warm and silent look, Lao Zhang shook.

After a long time, Lao Zhang felt that this period of forgetfulness was almost the same, and he wanted to have further skin relatives, but Xiaohong used various reasons every time.

After that, Lao Zhang gave Xiaohong more than 10,000 yuan at one time. At that time, Lao Zhang couldn’t pay any money. When Xiao Hong asked Lao Zhang to buy money again, Lao Zhang, who had no money, had to say the truth.

Since then, Xiaohong no longer ignores Lao Zhang, and she will not reply to Lao Zhang’s phone and text messages. At this step, Lao Zhang woke up like a dream. He and Xiaohong’s so -called forgetfulness were just a way Xiaohong was to fight for performance.

Lao Zhang, who was thinking clearly, hated it. He came to Xiaohong’s company and threatened Xiaohong to pay back money. In the end, Xiaohong’s company returned a part of Lao Zhang’s money.

In fact, in addition to encountering scams, the marriage may also have other crises. The post -90s woman in Bobai County married a man 21 years older than herself, and gave birth to six children for more than ten years.

However, the life of the two people was not happy. Men often violent their wife. In the last two, they went to court because of their divorce, and there were many disputes because of their children’s custody rights. Do you support forgetfulness?

The love model of the love of the year is essentially a voluntary choice between the two parties, and what kind of voluntary origin was based on what kind of foundation, then the direction of the future may develop in that aspect.

In addition to the combination of the two people, many of the people in the society have come together because of economic factors. If you value economic factors excessively, the more likely to have problems in the following combination, because the initial combination of the two people is not the main relationship.

So for forgetting the year, first think of what you want, and second, you must also see what the other person wants. As long as two people have the age gap, there will be a certain gap between each other’s cognition.

To make up for the feelings behind this, the most important thing is that two people completely reveal their hearts. If this kind of interaction, the chance of problems is relatively small.

If only one party has economic strength and the younger party wants to rely on each other, then this situation will increase after marriage without the foundation of emotion.

Therefore, the key issue of forgetting the year is to consider the needs and demands of both parties, and maintain a frank trace in order to ensure whether the relationship between the two people is reliable and feasible.

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