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Four abnormalities in women may be diabetes. Hurry up to measure blood sugar levels

As we all know, the value of blood sugar measured at different times is different, but it is impossible for people to measure all the time. So how long should the blood sugar be measured?

Four signals appear on women, indicating that blood sugar is already high!

In fact, when blood sugar rises, the body will appear differently. For women, if you find these four cases of the body, you should pay attention to checking the blood sugar.

Abdominal obesity

Scientific research proves that if middle -aged women have abdominal obesity, the risk of diabetes will also increase. Some scientific research institutions have investigated more than 2,000 adults and found that more than 60%of abdominal obesity risk of hyperglycemia or diabetes.

Normally, the waist and hip ratio should be in the range of 0.75 ~ 0.85. If it exceeds 0.85, the blood glucose may increase.


Due to the abnormal insulin secretion of diabetic patients, the blood sugar in the patient’s blood rises, and the sugar in the urine will also rise, and the increase in sugar in the skin will break the acid -base balance of the skin, which will cause the mold in the skin to take the opportunity to take the opportunity Breeding causes moldy dermatitis, which causes itching of the skin. What is even more uncomfortable is that the private parts will be itchy and unbearable. Therefore, women who are always itchy for the skin are best to check the level of blood sugar.

Given a fat baby

Pregnant women occupy a large part of the group of diabetic patients. The glucose concentration in the blood of pregnant women in diabetes increases the glucose concentration, which will stimulate the secretion of insulin, speed up the synthesis of protein and fat, and thereby accelerate the growth of the fetus.

Therefore, the children born to pregnant women with diabetes are very large. For pregnant women who have more than 8 pounds, we must pay attention to blood sugar.

Frequent urination

When the blood sugar rises, the sugar in the urine will increase. When the kidney sugar valve is exceeded, the number of urination will increase. Not only that, the urine output will increase.

On the other hand, due to the increase in urine times, moisture is lost much, and it is more prone to thirst. When there is a symptom of urine and prone to thirst, pay attention to the condition of blood sugar.

For older women, monitoring changes in blood sugar is a very important thing.

How long does it take to test blood sugar?

Nowadays, many people can measure blood sugar at home, which is very convenient. However, what is the difference between measuring blood sugar during different time periods?

Emptor measurement: Generally speaking, the blood glucose value measured at an empty stomach is more reliable, but for patients with the critical value of diabetes, the blood glucose is not easy to reflect, and the blood glucose after meals can be measured to make judgments.

Measurement before meals: The way to measure blood sugar before lunch or dinner is more suitable for patients with hypoglycemia risk. If the blood glucose value measured in an empty stomach is relatively high, it is also necessary to measure the blood sugar before meals for further confirmation.

Measurement after meals: After 2 hours of meals, the measurement of blood sugar is also an important basis for judging. It can reflect whether the dosage of diabetic patients is appropriate.

Night measurement: The blood glucose measurement at around 3 am can monitor the blood sugar at night. At the same time, you can understand whether the appearance of high blood sugar is at night or daytime, so as to make effective measures.

Under normal circumstances, patients with blood glucose in the controlled range of the controlled range can be monitored for 1 to 2 days a week, and the blood glucose can be measured at a time of the empty stomach and after meals.

口服降糖药的患者每周测量2至4次血糖情况,但若需要胰岛素进行血糖控制的话,每天至少需要监测6次,直到血糖情况基本达标后,再将每天的血糖监控情况减少至2至4 times.

In addition, patients with diabetes such as dizziness, nausea, sweating, etc. need to increase the number of monitoring appropriately.

For people with high blood glucose, if you want to lower blood sugar, on the one hand, exercise can be performed. Exercise can effectively improve the sensitivity of insulin and better control the level of blood sugar.

On the other hand, developing good eating habits, eating more high -fiber foods such as coarse grains and beans can slow down the digestion and absorption of sugar, thereby maintaining blood sugar stability.

Nowadays, hyperglycemia and hypertension and hyperlipidemia have become a health problem that plagues many people, and patients have shown a trend of youth. Therefore, whether it is middle -aged and elderly or young people, they should increase their importance to their own body and pay more attention to the situation of blood glucose and blood pressure.

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