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Four “abnormalities” on your body are implying you, too much toxins!Hurry up and check yourself

In modern society, people’s health and health consciousness are getting stronger and stronger, and detoxification has become a fashion. Some elders say that pig blood can be detoxified, because after eating pig blood, it is pulled out of black stools, and black and black things are toxins in the body.

In fact, does pig blood really have such a big effect?

As soon as you eat pig blood, is your body detoxification?

In fact, attentive people will find that not only eating pig blood, but also duck blood, tofu, blood sausage, eggplant, chocolate and other foods, they will also occur.

Is it mean that as long as the food that eats can promote the human body to discharge the stool, it has a detoxification function? Theoretically, this statement is not established.

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First of all, eating pig blood is hemoglobin and iron ions in pig blood. After digestion and decomposition of digestive tract, it will be combined with sulfide in the intestine to form iron -sulfide, and ultimately black stools appear.

Secondly, pig healing pulmonary detoxification is also nonsense. After the pig blood enters the human body, it needs to pass a series of digestive processes such as mouth, stomach, and intestines, and finally partial nutrition enters the blood.

However, the fine particles in the environment will enter the lungs after entering the fine -pelvic and alveoli through the human nasal cavity and throat, and the other part will enter the capillaries, which will enter the capillaries, affecting the human respiratory and cardiovascular system.

It can be seen that pig blood and fine particles are in different systems, and the possibility of incidence is very small. Therefore, pig blood cannot clear the lung detoxification.

It is also reminded everyone that nourishing the lungs must not eat pig blood blindly through scientific and reasonable methods. Although pig blood has a certain nutritional value, people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol should not be eaten too much, otherwise it will have a adverse effect on the body.


There are 4 abnormalities on your body, reminding you too much toxin

In modern society, lifestyle changes, everyone’s health awareness has also improved, and more and more people are pursuing detoxification of the body. Some health products are promoting “detoxifying” advertising, attracting consumers to buy. Some cosmetic medical institutions have launched lymphatic detoxification, which is godly.

Is our body really toxin? In fact, toxins are exaggerated. The human body absorbs the material in the body. It is good and bad. After a series of digestion and absorption, some bad substances will be excreted, such as sweating, tears, urine, etc.

However, due to such a reason, not all bad substances will be excreted. In the end, some are residual in the body.

1. bad breath

Stomach breath is related to the accumulation of heat or indigestion of the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach are the organs of digestion and absorption. The spleen and stomach are not good. The digestive system cannot run normally.

2. Constipation

Poinity is an important way to discharge waste in the body. Studies say that feces can excrete 50%of the human body out of the body. If the speed of metabolism becomes slower, toxins will accumulate in the intestine, constantly stimulating the intestinal mucosa, causing the intestinal peristalsis dysfunction and causing constipation.

3. Acne

Acne is also related to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Excessive laundering, improper sun protection, poor diet, long -term staying up late, and other poor living habits will also affect the normal operation of detoxification organs in the body and acne.

4. chloasma

Lloabichalite is one of the signs of the decreased liver detoxification function. The main role of the liver is detoxification. When the garbage and toxins are accumulated too much in the body, the liver cannot exercise normal function, which can easily cause endocrine disorders. It is manifested in the skin system. spot.

Intestinal therapy, foot stickers, massage, sweat steaming … At present, there are many detoxification methods on the market, which are actually pitting money. Generally speaking, healthy people do not need to deliberately detoxify.

Because the human body has a natural detox system, toxins can be discharged through sweat, tears, cough, urine, and feces, and additional detoxification can only increase the body. Therefore, the real detoxification and health are light diet, sufficient sleep, appropriate exercise, and happy mood.

In general, scientific detoxification, remember “healthy diet+moderate exercise”, do not abuse health products such as detoxification and beauty capsules, and do not trust the detoxification of medical institutions to avoid harm to the body.

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