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Four external symptoms of early liver ascites should be vigilant

Liver ascites, that is, liver cirrhosis and ascites, there are early and late stages, and there are four obvious external manifestations in the early days of liver and ascites. You need to pay attention. Once you find the following laziness, you should check it in time and treat as soon as possible to treat as soon as possible. Or do a good job of prevention to avoid severe liver disease.

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When hepatic ascites begin to appear, patients’ limbs begin to abnormal, such as lower limb puffy, fat -faced, and increased abdominal circumference, and ascites occur. These symptoms indicate that the condition begins to enter the period of liver ascites.

After the hepatic ascites begin to appear, patients will have some abnormalities in spirit. For example, the patient’s consciousness is abnormal and suddenly excited, but those who are unparalleled, orientation and computing ability disabilities should pay attention to the occurrence of liver coma.

If the ascites grow very fast or a large amount of ascites, the early symptoms of the liver ascites are obvious, and symptoms such as dyspnea, poor appetite, fullness, and edema of the lower limbs may occur. When the kidneys are compressed, the patient’s urine decreases. If the symptoms of kidney skills are damaged, the symptoms of blood pressure decrease, indifferent expressions, and lethargy. The prognosis of patients at this stage is extremely poor.

When hepatic ascites begin to appear, one of the most common symptoms is to be difficult to control low heat, and it will also be accompanied by increased neutral white blood cells. At the same time, hypotonal sodium, hypocritical potassium and hypoglycemia are also found, but those who are generally processed cannot be relieved.

Patients with liver cirrhosis will develop abdominal distension, but when patients have high degree of abdominal distension, liver liver ascites will be heal, mainly at night, causing a series of symptoms such as sitting and lying, hard to sleep all night, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, and shortness of breath. Once this symptom is found, it should be checked as soon as possible.

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